Gnomonicty Part Two: Generalisations of the Primary Signatures of Light and Motion.

If we simply focus on the domain that remains outside the sphere of human influence and inside the sphere of human experience, we find the complexity of the information presented to us that is naturally self revealing, is transformational. It carries the participant in the process of revelation, from prejudiced speculations intuited from mere appearances, to that which is counter intuitive, and yet remains intelligible, demanding a detailed investigation of the subject matter, which begins with the gathering of raw data, and the apprehension of two primary points of view. One, looking from the center of the circle of the horizon line, out to the celestial sphere, or blue sky of day, the other, marking this center, with a simple pole, and in turning one’s back to the sun, examining the phenomena of the sun’s shadow, as it moves from infinite speed at dawn, racing over the landscape from west to east as the sun appears to rise in the east and make its way across the sky, to its height and “crest” at Noon. At this point the sun, appearing to traverse the sky with an even constant speed, casts a shadow that gradually decelerated to a momentary halt, as it shrinks to its least length, before accelerating once again, as the shadow races towards eastern landscape, covering it as if a blanket of night, while the Sun appears to sink towards the western horizon, the last glimpse of golden light in the West, projected towards the East. The extraordinary reciprocity of the elements, builds as our examination of the information proceeds with a caution to resist premature conclusions, for it this tendency which destroys the integrity of science, and leads to a potential for a radical and ignoble exploitation of the body governed. The daily passage of the Sun across the sky, permits the retracing of the shadow upon the ground. A “remarkable” signature, which tells us that there is constant cycle. Additionally to the apprehension of the constant cycle, is the apprehension of the limit, at noon, which marks the periodicity of the “day and night” combined, winding a circle about the planet, that is constantly information, and without change. The “Noon Time”. The Ancient Egyptians called this time of day Ra. Ra was not the Sun, nor was Ra the “secret name of god”. Rather, Ra or Re constituted the primary and most significant relation between the Sun and the Earth, witnessed by the human being. Ra was the circle, its center point marked, and framed as an Iris is framed by the lids of the eye: “(|)” indicating the “mouth”, and the “source” that is both the One, and the “one of many”:”3R” signatures of light and motion, that defines the primary “genera” of the “hexis”. Indeed, the Red Crown, the “he or she” that is the representative of the “bee”, which exemplifies the figurative “throne” and “seat of power” in the North  from which the spiral of life itself was drawn and born, echoes the image of the anatomically correct cross section of the human tongue, whose tip reiterates the head of the serpent, whose power constitutes the power of “words” harsh or soft that heal or harm, raise or reduce, elevate or destroy: DJ, be it directed from the mouths of children or those inducted into the noble science of life.

Knowledge, as the precursor of wisdom inspired by the ignition of the fire in the mind, was not the ultimate source of power as individuals such as Focault has imagined. Rather, all who were either inducted into the principles which informed the Ancient Egyptian knowledge system, and all who were not, held the power to create and destroy, either unwittingly or not, either directing others with a conscious intention to positively provide support, protect and defend others from the snares of crude and barbaric ignorance, or held a conscious intention to deceive which informed the flourishing of misinformation and conspiratorial information, defining the vulnerability of the human species which reveals an equal reciprocity to the profound potential that is the gift of the species itself, to rise to the heights of its physiological potential, distinguished from the common collective of all animal species.

By placing a pole on each point which marks the location of the sun’s shadow, cast from the fixed gnomon, on the two days of the solstice, the transposition of the actual poles of the planet is made. The “head” and “tail” of the serpentine image: “S” which traces each half year period from pole to pole, passing through the “mean” time of the equinox, “x”, which in close proximity to the equator, lies at the base of the primary gnomon, indicates one possible reason for the common transliteration of the entity known as ISIS, (Auset). Each pole marking the solstice: | |, and the serpentine figure of a half year period from solstice to solstice: SZ, places the facts which inform the symbolic indications of the analogue model of electromagnetism, in full view, facts that appear to be lost, and remain heavily veiled as the mythic “swampland” of historicsm. (Karl Popper).

Giving birth to the remarkable image of the motions of the sun’s shadow, as cast from a simple gnomon, confirmed the information gathered by the one who takes who takes the place of the gnomon itself, and stands in the center of the circle of the horizon, looking to the north, the south, the east and west, informing the first principles of the human being as Scientist, as Astronomer, gathering the information that is presented in the broad light of day, which grants the most profound beginning that defines a revolution in thought, amassed as a self generating body of information, which continues to this day, expanded as the human experience of reality is itself expanded, through the progression of technology, which is the art of science, and science of art.

From the period of the daily arc, which reveals the Noon Time as the Still Point and time of Rest, which is informed by the “crest” of the arc of the daily record, the figure “8” of the analemma is retraced upon the ground, marking each day with a distinct point, granting the image which defines the four days that mark the mid point of the seasons, as the two days of equal night, known as the equinox, and the two “days” which signify the longest and shortest night, known as the winter and summer solstice.

By placing a pole in the location of each mark that signifies the projection of the two solstices, the transposition of the actual poles of the planet is referenced. From this action, the marking of the centers of twin circles, whose radii are equal to the distance between the centers echoing the enigmatic phrase used to define the “universe” by Pascal, in his communications which Leibniz, ” the center is everywhere and circumference is nowhere”. This construction of two intersecting circle, informs Euclid’s point of departure, from Plato’s model given in Timaeus, and constitutes the structural underpinnings that inform Euclid’s first proposition. The elementary proposition which clarifies Whittgenstein’s analysis of first order logic, constitutes the signature that is retraced from the periodical noon time, throughout the year, informed by the crest of the daily arc of the Sun’s shadow. The construction of the twin circles, whose centers are indicated by the solstices, informs the analogue model that is a topologically considered and geometrically dynamic translation of the signature of the analemma, preserving the “twist” that is informed by the axial tilt of the planet, which informs the figure “8”.  As the building of the matrix is informed by the translation of the signature of the analemma, the anchor of natural laws which reveal the limits and constants of the  primary and prototypical analogue informed by the Earth’s degree of axial tilt, grants the self generating information which builds in complexity to infinite degrees of information, based on the numerical progression of sexigesimal structure providing the greatest number of “products” from which all other geometrical and numeric progressions are informed. The isometric lattice, built with sets of lines, informs the orthogonal and squared lattice which David Hilbert takes as his point of departure, from the work of Gauss, to reaffirm the Platonic modeling of the solids which inform the discipline of crystallography, from which the study of mineral and liquid crystals, and informatics progresses. The fact that the signatures of light and motion, pertaining to the primary relationship between the Sun and Earth, the source of luminosity and the source of motion, remains in the domain that is outside the sphere of human influence and inside the sphere of human experience, anchors common law to the process of induction of the child, which as yet remains implicit and unrevealed due to the preference for utilitarian educational dictates, given on a “need to known” basis, which constitutes the conditional cultural constraints imposed by world views that resist the induction of the child into the primary facts of natural science.

The ruling of sets of lines informed by the nodes of the intersecting circles, their center points, and the points which enclose the horizontal diameter line, builds the isometric matrix. The letters which together make the term KA, indicate the primary sets of the four lines: (<(|)>) and (-(^)-), the ninth and tenth lines ruled: ( >|< ) completing the three axes of space, where the gnomon and the horizontal diameter line, remain given.