Pythagoras: That which lies Inside (eso) the Domain of the Planet Earth (terros)..

When a child is introduced to the Pythagorean Theorem, it is without any reference to the pentadic foundation from which the decimal system of numeracy is informed by the integral points which reveal the flow of natural numbers, a pentadic foundation that had spread to the Far East, to Mesoamerica, and beyond, only to return as the ruse from which the foundations themselves became obscured by the mysticism of legendary heroes returning with the inspiration of the “flying white horse”, or the scaled and winged rainbow serpent, and dragon which protects and defends all that is, from the conceit of ignorance itself, indeed these creatures that represent the human experience of the phenomena of light in motion, and on a moving body.

As masters of the imperial school of thought, took it upon themselves to maintain the garden as a workers paradise, as if they were the ultimate “lords” and representative of more than hollow threats of death that cursed the seeker to an eternal quest that never ends, in fear that their conceit would in fact be their own undoing, we today struggle to come to terms with the narratives that obscure the distinction between the real and the illusion of the real that assaults the sensitive intelligence of those compelled to enter the labyrinth in the pursuit of truth, reason and rationality, only to find that their efforts are thwarted by those whose power depends on the tyranny of ignorance itself, raised as the veil of mysticism which celebrates the gatekeepers of knowledge as the expert authorities whose work is awarded for their unwittingly contrived descent into the swampland of historicism, supporting the illusion of inconclusive anticipations born of prejudicial inferences alone.

Central to the Pythagorean School, was its Logos which identified the fact that the primary muse constitutes the “completed fabric of the garment of god”, that the Ancient Greeks referenced as the “sacred graphs”, of Ancient Egyptian “hieroglyphics”. If one could construct a pentagram, without the aid of the protractor, indeed, as the construction of the specific prototypical model that has to us, been embodied in this exceptional tool, then this image was proof alone that the “master” of such a creation, had reached the profound conclusion that in unifying all methods available to the scientist, the whole body of knowledge lay before them, granting them the wisdom of the Majesty of Nature itself.

At the time of Pythagoras, already these graphic foundations had been obscured through the rise of imperial linguistic codifications emergent from the intention to constantly rewrite the past, as if that which was raised as the most sophisticated cosmology represented an abominable corruption directed by the self serving principles of Autocracy, Despotism, Oligarchy which demanded the concealment of the “trade secret” and raised the potential to “be as god” with dominion of one’s own domain, expanded to conquer all lesser cultures, and take possession of the inherent power that remained implicit in every creature, every plant, every mineral and all concrete elements, experienced as the offensive enslavement of ignorant peoples yoked to the will of the individual, as if this was the eternal reward granted to those who managed the system. Indeed, what Egypt represents, is an exceptional system that endured for millenium, having the power to return from the abyss of ignorance, imposed by external agencies from the North, from the East, and elsewhere, who sort to strip this nation of its profound wealth of knowledge and wisdom which threatened the “status quo” and modus operandi of the coloniser, the barbarian willing to destroy all culture that appeared superficially to be the singular threat and undoing of the “knot which cannot be undone”.

If we return to the Pythagorean Theorem, through Euclid who gave his approximate reiteration of the fact,  hidden and yet revealed in his first proposition, and then reiterated in his 47th proposition  as an approximation of the perfection of the isometric matrix which remains obscured as that which is emergent in the elementary translation of the primary signature of light and motion, to the “superstructure” that informs the universal foundation, we come to understand that the truth is in fact presented in the opening which becomes a point of departure, and conserved in Euclid’s definitions which provide the glossary that is necessary for the apprehensions that this system was in fact a topologically considered, geometrically dynamic presentation given in service to the utilitarian project of making provisions which determine the open field of research that provides applications useful to any governing elite, for the purpose of supporting defense, protection, and the progression of tools used for transportation of the individual to its destination, a destination that is in fact able to imagined through transposition of the body of facts gathered, to the primary source and cause which is threefold. As it is the physical transportation of the body to the source and cause  which defines the “arms race” and the “space race”, which directs the human gaze focused on the specifics of these quests at the expense of the generalisation which give life to the ratios and proportions that inform the parametrics of knowledge itself.

While the quest to rationalise the “music of the spheres” was reset by Kepler, as a quest imposed upon the apparent epicycles of the planets as witnessed from the locus of the circle of the horizon, which scribe no sphere at all, the obscuration of the fact that they trace a recurrent cycle through space over time, of a reflective body, moving through the aether of a light filled field of concrete bodies whose phenomenal attributes deliver us into the conceptualisation of real space and real time, that constitutes a second order of logical terms arising from the study of relations between light and motion has permitted an obscuration of the primary monadology that is inherent in the Ancient Egyptian cosmology embodied in the architectural tectonics of the naturally occurring and self revealing shapes and forms that grant access to the function of the system. Kepler’s comprehension of the term “esoterros”, betrays his primary inspiration as the conceit of the self professed visionary who believes that he alone is endowed with the vision that includes his person, as a member of the “golden chain” of being, whose direction is driven by the Master Teacher himself from whose voice, heard by those who believe that they exemplify the pure of heart of heart and mind alone, through which all prophecies from the past are delivered to the present. Kepler states plainly, as does John Dee, that this master is mistaken in the claim that all “elements” that constitute the field that remains outside the sphere of human influence, and may be revealed through careful inquiry, lie inside the domain of the planetary sphere and hence remain inside the sphere of human experience common to all members of the species who at the time of Pythagoras, endured the long term initiation which permitted the aural experience of this masters lectures, while the ability to lay one’s eyes on the demonstration of the elementary propositions, was open to only a select few, screened for the purpose that can only be speculated upon, with regards to the imposition of the ruling elite of the time, whose power was determined by the exclusion of the facts of ;light and motion, from the public domain. Indeed the denial of the proofs that demand the exercise that takes at least a full annular cycle to complete, was easily effected by simply preventing the protection of the domain within which such proofs could be revealed, and denial that these proofs and process held any significance for the stability of a nation constantly threatened by the conscious failure of those whose authority depended on the acceptance of the apparent illusion which was self explanatory, and remained the ruse against those facts which transcended the merely immanent, and anchored scientific facts to that which is intelligible rather than that which was merely visible.

There has been a recent history progressed with regards to the analysis of the “music of the spheres” that remains subject to mysticism, and yet is adulated as if the conclusions have finally been reached. What an authority of integrity does with this information that enters the public domain with all of the bravado and conviction of unfalsifiable insights that remain hypothetical and subject to the presumption that the geometrical modelling of that which remains outside the sphere of human influence, is in and of itself a fabrication of the human imagination, contrived as a mimicry of that which in a state of always becoming and never is, is simply to remove these ill conceived misdirections from the public domain, after the fact of the publication. This act in and of itself, signals to those ignorant of the larger body of theoretical research which has established the building blocks of the knowledge system based on the revelation of limits and constants from a variety of points of view, many of which are culturally determined, and demand further scrutiny, a hegemonic process that appears to be the cause of deception. Indeed the spectre of conspiracy is raised, as it is always has been, in the belief that the facts are lost from all, rather than the fact that these truths remain outside the sphere of human experience, in the rarefied domain of “cutting edge” results to questions asked of inferences arising from the experimental domain of Post Copernican science. The history of conspiracy is ancient. Its record lies in the manuscript tradition of tropological narratives that is rooted to the shift from the principles of Nomarchy which informed the deliverance of the tree of knowledge from fraternal “fathers” to the generations, to the model of governance that defines Oligarchic Dynasties which secured the inheritance of the body of knowledge delivered by artificers, from “paternal” fathers to their “sons” excluding the transmission of the primary relationship between complementary parties, definitively informing the qualitative characterisation of the elements, as gender specific “names”, and indeed in the process of degeneration to the former system which preserved the mystery from external sources influenced from the “North”, as in the case of the dictates of Men Kau Ra who adulated the rites of sacrifice as payments due to the ruling elite, and pushed the notion that one could consume the inherent “power” of the beast slaughtered, drinking its spiritual essence for the purpose of raising one’s own power. MenKauRa, the first author of the concealed tradition of pyramid texts, established the tradition of the pyramid builders, which placed the burden of this monumental desire to create a permanent exemplar of the “completed fabric of the garment of god” with a perfection that defies the contemporary imagination of the human potential and leads to speculations that the ancients were in super humans, that their reality was super real, that their power was alien to this planet, and that their intention was to return to the stars from whence they were presumed to have come in “chariots of fire”.  This narrative tradition has come to be known in contemporary times as the “Von Daniken” hypothesis, an hypothesis that has persisted in the public domain as a flourishing of legendary accounts that define alienation and conspiracy itself, as a failure to accept the basic premise of colonisation, genetic engineering so necessary to support the making of legal fictions which permit the blind progression in the New Age, of the technological tradition of ultilitarian pathos.

It is necessary today more than ever, to approach the field of research that has been denied in the nineteenth century, from the analysis of the foundations of law, given by Sir Henry Maine in 1861 under the title “Ancient Law: Its Connection With the Early History of Society, and Its Relation to Modern Ideas” (see as a foundation of unwritten laws, which are essentially based on the geometrical models (to which he makes no reference, as these terms inform the name taken by the first “ruler” from the pre-dynastic period MENI, and the rulers of the family dynasty of Thutmoses who in the New Kingdom, represent the establishment of the Hermetic tradition which defines the “return” to the principles of the superior cosmology which informs the “book of the dead” the “dead” being not merely the physically desceased, but rather the “unenlightened” and “disenfranchised” of the “spirit” that informs natural and common law) which remain identified as the MENI and the THEMIS, speculated as significant elements the former apparently emergent from India identified as the ground plan of the Citidel of Harrappa (circa 2,800BC) and the latter, emergent from the Homeric prose which speaks of the “dark and terrible oath streams of the Gods” (Illiad 2:858) and later, with regards to the terrifying “son of chronos” and the ordeal of the “white armed” Goddess Hera, wife of this “everlasting husband” is asked to go through once more, by the goddess Themis, “whose province is established law and custom”  with regards the “chain of disasters Zeus brings to light” (Illiad 15:107). “Justice” informed direction from a “goddess” named Themis and Themistes, waged in an eternal battle against the “father of the gods”, who claims “that he amongst the deathless gods on high is first in strength and power”. As Zeus is “the king of the gods, son of Chronos and Rhea, brother and husband of Hera, father of the Olympians and many mortals too, (1.6) whose “spheres [of influence] include the sky and the weather, hospitality and the rights of guests, the punishment of injustice, the sending of omens, and the governance of the universe controlled to some extent by Fate as well” (pronouncing Glossary given in the translation offered by Robert Fagles, the representation of those things which are considered to remain inside the sphere of human influence by those who adulate the principles of magicianship, common to primitive peoples, whose belief in the central causative power of the human being leads to the inherent belief that nature itself is dependent on the human species for its direction, a conceptualisation of power, that depends on ignorance and the self aggrandizement of the individual as “god” and “creator”, “artificer” and “animator” of the world of human affairs which informs extreme idealism. As such the supernatural, superhuman, and super realism of an idealization of realism itself, is dependent on the beliefs which concern the conjuring of spiritual aids, of past masters, of the deceased “creator beings” responsible for the inspirational myths and legends which constitute the tropological narratives used to induct the child into the arts and cultures which define the constraints and parameters of the social system itself. Man is cast not merely as a steward of nature, armed with the knowledge and wisdom to consciously walk with ease and grace within the greater scheme of things, he becomes the “director” of all earthly events, and the ignorant are burdened with the necessity to conform to the binary logic of laws established and imposed as the principle determinants of  ultimate good and ultimate evil.

In returning to Pythagoras, we find that the method of construction that remains implicit in Euclid, pertaining to the pentagram and the principles of his theorem demands the ruling of sets of lines to a specific point of density in the isometric matrix, which itself informs the foundations of the theorem, and begins to make profound sense of the graphic image which underpins the “emblem” that defines the “white crown” of  the Southern Land of Egypt, which informs the leadership of  “he or she of the Reed”. Commentators have associated the “Reed” and the “bulbous” white crown, with the Lotus flower, and as such the conservation of the elements that define the “Red Crown” of the “North” the signifies the “he and she of the bee”, the “throne” of ISIS, and OSIRIS, that is the  AUS-T, and US-R, and its underpinnings to the evolution and involution of the spiral, is preserved, at the expense of the significance of the Papyrus Reed, which flowers with “leaves” of 15 radials, indicating the 15 spoked wheel of 24 degree segments. Naturally this revelation informs the precision of the intelligibility of the Earths Axial Tilt, and with a careful navigation of the elements present in the predynastic period, is the opinion of this author, that the completed fabric of the garment of god, had in fact reached the degree of density which is echoed in the first myths of conspiracy, referencing the dismemberment of the body of Osiris, scattered to all corners of the earth (cardinal points) and the loss of his “member” (gnomon) portrayed in the graphic narrative which makes Set and his 72 co-conspirators, the subject of revenge that informs the “son’s” intention to avenge the death of the “Father”.

The “son” that is reportedly the  “illegitimate progeny” is Horus, the falcon deity. In the legends of Ancient Egypt, there is mention of the “greater and lesser horus”. The first depiction of this bird, is given in the NRMR Palette, as the entity that is “hooking” or “yoking” the nose of the Earth, a bearded male entity named Geb, whose head appears with the body of a marshland, from which the flowering reed is emerging. Geb has been given the meaning “generation of serpents”. A more detailed translation however reveals the  transliteration “GE” (variants include Se, Ne) does in fact mean “generation” with no specific gender granted, while the transliteration “B” is graphically indicated as the lower leg, which like the forearm, has the ratio measure of the cubit. In the lower register of the NRMR palette, (circa 3,100BC), pertaining to the “God” who wears the white crown of the south, the Earth “God” is portrayed as  twins with two “running” speeds, the  left hand of one and right hand of the other, placed together as if in a posture which echoes a “potter”  approaching the “centering” of a ball of clay. The same being is depicted in the middle register, on his knees, waiting the assault of the “god” who is about to strike a blow to the Earths head. Speculations have insisted that this “god” is a mortal ruler, however the mortals are half the height of these gods, and on this side, only one, a male stands behind the “god” in service to him. On the opposite side of the palette, the bottom register depicts the earth as one being with one “running” speed, in fact the fastest, is imposed upon by the “taurean bull”, who stands at his shoulder, with a boundary wall, and half circle or “arc” reiterating an enclosure that reiterates the “daily arc” of the sun’s shadow. At the “crest” of this arc, is a foundational platform. In the middle register, the serpentine necks extended between the bodies and heads of two lionesses, reiterating a figure “8”, are yoked with ropes, held by the bearded twins. Above this register, is a register where a procession is depicted, with the god of the North, surrounded by mortals who are half the size of the god. The god is escorted by a female who leads, and a male who follows, both in service to this god, the female, indicated as having a name made up of a “yoke” TH and Theta, with variations OES, AN, underneath which is half circle, T, itself a graphic form which indicates the “mean” temporal point, between the two extremes of the solstial days, leading to the conclusion that results in the opening of the figure “8” of the analemma, to inform the “greater cycle” of the annular period. More information regarding the NRMR palette and other portrayals from the predynastic period will be dealt with in detail with regards to specific entries regarding Egyptian cosmology. Suffice it to say that the apparent unification of the two cosmological renderings which define the north and south, remains bound in a dynamic struggle between the North and South, with the latter eventually raised as the dominant cosmology, which leads to the relationship between the lunar and solar cults, and the formative expression of the black sun cult, which defines the exploitation of the Annular eclipse for the purpose of supporting either defensive or offensive tactics which defines the emergence of the Imperial age, underpinned by the New Kingdom cycle of reforms and counter-reformations which eventuate in the loss of the identity of the Egyptian Nation as a people, and as such, underpins the primary loss of knowledge which we are at present coming to terms with, in a new age of convictions directed as a new campaign against Suzerain structures, couched in terms given by George Bush as a new “Crusade” waged against the infidel, whoever that is today, defined collectively as all who are against “Us”.

With the complexity and density of the matrix raised to the point that each side of the hexagon which infers the cube of space, is divided into 12 segments, and hence marking 72 nodes in total, both the 15, 30 and 60 spoked wheel is able to be ruled, as well as the 72 spoked wheel of 5 degree segments, and hence the degrees of each segment measure 24, 12 and 6 respectively. It is this revelation, which binds the ancient megalithic structure of Stone Henge, to the foundational laws which inform the governance of nomarchies, in Ancient Egypt, and the ancient peoples of the United Kingdom., defining the ultimate difference between the “Western” and “Eastern” conventions of conservative “orthodoxy”.

It is also from this density of the matrix, that one can approach the Pythagorean Theorem, which is intimately connected to the ruling of the pentagram. The “monad” which we are told in an anonymous writing, regarding the Pythagorean teachings with specific interest in the term Quaternary, “expresses equality and measure”, while the “dyad expresses excess and defect. Mean and measure cannot admit of more or less, while excess and defect, which proceed to infinity, admit it; that is why the Dyad is called intermediate. Since, because of the all-inclusion of the Monad and Dyad, all things refer to number, they call all things numbers; and their number is perfected in the decad. Ten is called the quaternary [considered by some to be synonymous with the tetrakys]. This quotation is from a traditional account of the anonymous teachings of Pythagoras, given in English by Kenneth Guthrie, in his Pythagoras Source Book and Library (Platonist Press 1919) taken from the writings of the Byzantine patriach Photius, who as a politician, literary critic, and tutor in the Imperial Academy in Constantinople, notably took the side of Aristotle and criticized Plato. The “Tetrakys” informs the run of natural numbers, from the center, to each of the six segments of the primary hexagon which is divided continuously as the density of the matrix is raised. From the center to each side, the integers are defined as the nodes themselves, beginning with one at the center, an integral point, and with each “hexis shell”, raised in number by one.

The tetrakys is described as the “spring of all our wisdom, the perennial root of Nature’s Fount”. As such the common association between the image that represents the Monad or “eye of god” which informs the foundational superstructure, the quaternary, and the tetrakys, confuses the issue, by not differentiating between them.  The primary quaternary, informs the conclusion that the annular cycle and greater motions of the planet, only appears in the orthogonal projection from the significant shadow cast from the gnomon, as the figure “8”. the figure “8” is informed by the axial tilt, without which it is quite possible that there would have never been the exceptional progression in knowledge that defines the most sophisticated “gift of culture”, attributed to the Hyperboreans, from whence “there are hypernotions” by Herotodus in his histories, indeed the enigmatic population that Frederick Nietzsche  identifies with in his book titled the “Antichrist“, which in rejecting the teachings of the Christian prophet outright, fails to make any association between the “Chrystus” and the geometrical representation of crystallography, nor the identification of the model mortal, as a “risen body” and significant indicator, as such as man of knowledge and wisdom, who constitutes the inspiration and aspiration for a world without slavery released from the mortal coil of the invisible bonds, imposed by and through the medium of fiction. As such Nietzsche unwittingly supports the very institution of imperial power that underpins his own alienation, which is the object of his criticism. The orbital annular cycle generalized as a “circle” is quadrated by the horizontal and vertical rulings which inform the latitudinal and longitudinal circles, given in reference to the temporal extremes and mean, observed from the center of the circle of the horizon to the dawn and dusk “rising” and “setting” and the graphic transposition of the axial pole of the planet, marked by the nodes of the solstice, as projected on the ground.