The Relation Between Art and Science; the Specific and the General RatioCrystallography: Part Two: The Helical Signature of DNA

With the progression of technologies that traverse the distance in space over time, of the proximity of the scientist to the subject being studied, the ability to take micrographic images of the DNA crystal transformed the way in which we considered the apparent fragmentation that informed the separation of disciplines approached in academic institutions. From numerous sources, the call for a unification of the sciences was sounded. Conrad H. Waddington had applied himself to the work of establishing a correspondence between the intuitive process of the artist, in his book titled “Behind Appearance.” (Edinburgh University. Press, 1968). Drawing links between the fashionable styles which were raised as exemplary models of the “Zeitgeist” of spirit of the times, and the progress made in science, his approach appeared to focus on the possibility of some overarching spiritual intelligence that linked the disciplines, though he arguably failed to establish any real correspondence that remained outside the sphere of human influence.

When a style is illuminated as the “voice of a nation” one has to ask to what degree this voice is raised and highlighted, to satisfy ideological convictions that inform the “spirit of the nation”, while other potentially powerful expressions remain as the unheard voice of the “outsider” which appears to be buried according to some process of distinguishing the work of individuals who are considered to be subjects of an “anomolous psychology”, compelled to work in isolation, without the reward or interest from one’s peers, or the aclaim given by “established” groups who represent the critical theoretical voice of the analytical commentator. Indeed the conceptualization of Art itself, a term which for the Hebrew linguistic codification, was signified by the simple circle: “O”, and held the meaning “being”, as expressed in the statements “thou Art”, “who Art” and so on, common to biblical prose, had already become profoundly removed from the Greek concept of “techne”, and the Platonic realism which negated all interest in the mimickry of nature. The Greek collectivist “imperial spirit” of constructivist progress ignored the Platonic perspective, preferring to establish a sensibility of truth and beauty, entirely focused on the mimickry of nature, and the raising of some “ideal” potential that determined one’s direction towards exemplifying the “perfection” of the human figure, and the design embodied by the naturally occurring world of concrete forms, rather than any probe which highlighted the degree of its societies discontent. Projecting the “ideal” while ignoring the “real”, determines the steering mechanism that guides the collective towards a given end that is never fully realised, nor able to be reached. As such, Platonic realism and the signals which echoed the “golden chain of being” claimed by self professed genius – amongst them Kepler, attributed as a channeled “inspiration” of those “pure in heart and mind” directly informed by the contemplation of the spirit of the esoteric school that signified the Pythagorean hidden school of geometry itself, remained the “ideal” cosmology, which to this day informs the inspirational guide that is not recorded in any text book of writings, or conventional manuscript tradition. All we know of Pythagoras’ work, is couched in the memorium of others, adulating all that is signified in the pentadic logos which identified his secret school.

Kepler’s interest and his major contribution to the science of astronomy, concerned his focus on the specifics of the orbtial path of the Earth, about the Sun. His mysticism however, celebrated the fact that the human species has the potential to transpose information, to its primary sources of light and motion, and further, to step “outside” of his or her “locus” and “center” and imagine the perspective from an entirely different point of view. In terms of the Heliocentric perspective, the mythic notion of the Promethean point of view, grants the colourful notion that one can transport oneself, to the Sun, and as such, can see what the Sun could in fact see, if it was a human being, gifted with a visual cortex. The “spirit body” raised to such heights, is in fact an illusion, which seeks to reveal the truth of the exceptional power that all members of species is in fact endowed with, be it consciously considered or not, the latter indicating the vulnerability of the species, which is cultivated by those who seek to maintain an orderly social domain, that is directed more by external influences from a governing body, than by internal influences directed from a self governed body, without the necessary degree of education or induction into the Sciences which yield information that is counterintuitive, and as such realises conclusions which constitute the inverse correlative of the presumed appearance of reality.

The apparent constraint or imposition of a set measure, rather than the apprehension of the natural variables of the ratio and proportions for example between the length of the gnomon, and the shadow cast, which is different for each and every latitudinal location on the surface of the planet, and indeed, with respect to the measure of the Cubit, which is embodied by the Human being as the measure of the forearm and the lower leg, which again is different for each and every human being, is a device which is utilized for the purpose of maintaining a degree of consistency outside of the individuals needs. While the ratios and proportions between the parts remain generally the same, the need for devices which unify the members of a society to a coherence of the data, conserves the integrity of the ratios and proportions through the introduction of a set measure that remains outside the influence of the individual human being, and its presumed “perfection”. The fixed measuring device permits the translation of ratios and proportions according to a specific object that becomes the objective “ruler”. Ratio’s and proportions, are in fact constant, while the measure itself and as such the “number” of “units” and their divisions are translated in accord to the  set measuring device. Similarly the generalization of a cycle topologically considered as a circle scribed with a fixed radius (forearm and cubit), is an entirely adequate and rational generalization that is not wrong perse, rather its utility is profound and purposeful.

A generalisation of the basic structural attributes of the primary system and hence relation between the Earth, the Sun, and the Human Mind, is realized from the complementary points of view of the Human Participant, who as a scientist gathers the relevant information which constitutes the “data sets” from the “remarkable signatures” and armed with the technology of the isometric matrix, translated primarily as the relation between two centers, and two circles whose radii (unit) are equal to the measure of the distance between their centers, and whose centers indicate the temporal extremes of the figure “8” (analemma): “|<><>|” where the temporal “mean” constitutes the “center” between these two points: “<>|<>”, informed by the ruling of the diameter line perpendicular to the horizontal line informed by the extension of the line which passes through the points of the two centers, and hence is informed by the nodes of the intersection of the two circles: “( (|) )”, replaces the “axis mundi” or the representation of the Earth’s axis, whose poles are indexed by the mark of the extremes, by standing in the “center” and hence at the unique point the “axis homo sapien”, by replacing the “risen” body of a significant indicator, with the physical body of the scientist, which equally casts the shadow upon the ground, but whose degrees of freedom to move freely across the surface of the Earth, transcend the degrees of constraints experienced by the humble “tree”, denuded for the purpose of obtaining a clear record of the facts or fixed pole, which is honored as the “center” of the citidel, and center of the collective society, which represents the “time keeper”. If this is indicator is “flagged” with streamers, which blow in the wind, representative of the “signatures” themselves, or indeed “prayer flags” as in the tradition conserved in the East, by the “superior race of men” or “higher mind” attributed to the Sukkya’s (Lamas),the ability for the shadow to inform the public record is itself obscured. The gnomic indicator, is therefore not merely  anthropomorphized as the “one who sees” or “inspector” who is granted with the authority of the “expert” astronomer, the “expert” astronomer becomes the sole authority and keeper of knowledge which is not accessible to the general public, and remains given, on a need to know basis. Witholding the full extent of the knowledge that is self revealing to those who are inducted into the complementary methods, which yeilds such information as the precise degree of axial tilt of the planet, nessecary for estabilishing a prediction of an annular eclipse, witholds the very means through which the individual – be it a member of the magisterial elite of a time and place, culture or creed, or one disenfranchised from such a body of law givers, was raised in power and authority, as one who could appear as if a God in his own right, indeed a “law maker”. Such power and authority is raised as if the mere mortal had the ability to put out the light of the Sun with the personal direction of the Moon’s passage, rather than simply predicting that which embodied the most complex knowledge system of the ancient world, which according to the ignorance of the common people, represented the most terrifying event which inferred a great evil in the society itself, punished by the hidden god, thought to be the primary director of all cosmic events.  With knowledge used with wisdom and confidence of the “eternal and unchanging” for either the “greater good” (Thales) or in service to the “one” who could appear to be a “god” of his own domain, possessing riches and power “beyond bounds” (Bias of Prienne), the body governed remains subject to the governing body, which in the case of the seven sages of Ancient Greece, was split according to the geographical influences of the land which ringed the Aegean Sea. The Eastern shores and Ionian colonies were threatened by the long term assaults waged between various parties who were either “with” the representatives of the Near and Far East cultures,  or against them, indeed with or against those who demanded the conservation of the system of governance which constitutes the “suzerian” chain of military command, definitely governed by those who identified with the “solar” and Promethean point of view, entitled with the term “suze” whose definition had evolved from the perspective of the characterisations of physical or concrete elements as gendered elements, notably indicating the Earth, the Moon, and the “morning star” as the dis-empowered and hence feminine elements which could be set in motion by those who held the authority and power of knowledge itself, by exalting the common intuitive understanding based on appearances alone, which was contrare to the Egyptian cosmology that defined the superior culture, and voice of reason in a world constantly destabilised by the ignorance and arrogance of the “barbarian” willing to destroy, rape and pillage from those cultural systems which embodied the most complex of knowledge systems in all of their technological devices, and products or artifacts which were exactly that, arts of facts. The facts themselves demanding the science informed by an active participatory experience of transformational information. Prejudice flourishes only when the process of natural deduction is suspended in the public domain.  From inferred information, speculations and opinions signaled as conspiratorial notions, doubts, and rejections of the projected authority of experts which utilise knowledge itself against the body governed, the conventions imposed as the restoration of the “temple tradition” places in plain view to all, that which is self evident, and fixed in location, given that the temples themselves were “revealers” rather than “concealers” of the relation between light and shadow.  As Egypt’s complex cosmology was informed primarily by the “self created” and the creator” indeed the identity of IMN (Amon, Ymen and Aton, are variants and Amon holds the meaning “Dusk” while Khepri means “Dawn” and Re “Noon Time” its counterpart being identified by the “crested” Ibis, inferring the “crest” of the Sun’s daily arc both in the Sky and on the ground), the tradition of constructing a “proper name” of the Ruler, constitutes the embodiment of the term and “rulings” themselves. This convention occurs in the reverse, in contemporary times, where the artifact and product is assumed to bare no relation to the formative influence that results in the translation of the analemma to the vesica piscis and informs the construction of the isometric matrix. As such the “Moebius function” and the “Kleinbottle” and their variants, appear to have no association with the signatures of light and motion, which in fact constitute the “trace through space over time” of the Planet, about the Sun, from the locus of the two points of view, which the dominant point of view, being the Solar perspective. The names honor the “creator” or “artificer”, who is raised as the representative authority of the knowledge system, which, from the time of the codification of the Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics, by Young (British 1814) and Champillion (French 1822) appears to be disenfranchised from the new information which transcends the speculative tradition of the ars combinatorics, from the perspective of the primary split between the Imperial linguistic traditions of Europe evolved from the Eastern Orthodoxy or the post Elizabethan Imperial tradition of the United Kingdom which preserves the integrity of the “western” Orthodoxy, as the “ancient westerner” named OSIRIS, infers the tradition from the West, was embodied in the most complex of all ancient megalithic structures of the southern English “nomes”, which takes the isometric matrix to the limit of the divisions of the sides of the hexis, into 12 segments. 12x 6=72, which is the necessary degree of complexity to support the construction of both the 30 and 60 spoked wheel which defines Stone Henge whose construction begins in the same time frame as the birth of culture with defines Ancient Egpyt as a unified twin land, whose center is framed as the centralised government: “(|)”, and hence the twin lands are informed as the twin circles whose centers are defined by the representation of the twin extremes of the solstice, and poles: “( (|) )”, indeed the foundational structure of all systems informed by the principles of Platonic “monadology”.  As the ancient prototypical linguistic codifications arising from the Sinaitic peoples, occurs in the second millenium BC., the significant degeneration of the facts, held in the public domain, which inform the shift from governance of nomarchy to familial dynasties, is significant, and can be traced to the influence from the North, embodied in the ruler known as Men Kau Ra, who is the first great Pyramid Builder, and author of the Pyramid texts which inform the “inner circle” (IRIS) of the hidden elite that defines the Priesthoods, and their “pupils”, who might be admitted into the deeper and higher degree of knowledge that transcends the ordinary knowledge given in the process of induction, through the provision of various tools which embody the facts that remain outside the sphere of influence, and are not necessary to inform the “noble classes”, given that the provisions of templates and grids and graphs, which support the “perfection” of the arts, are one step removed from the figures that are embodied as the “goddess” of the daylit “sky”, and the “god” of the “earth”, ISIS and OSIRIS, who are themselves the second generation of the sky (Nut) and earth (Geb) whose “member” supports the arch of the “sky”, and “father’s serpents”, who is the generation born from the “emptiness” TEFNUT and the “orphan” SHU, the “father” (f=horned viper) of the Geb who descends as the luminous “ray” from the “Sun”, raised as the “fallen angle” in the process of becoming the “pillar of stability” TET, TXT, THT, embodying the “noon time” itself, though now, not as the phallus of the Earth, but rather the, Physical Pillar which supports the system, and is “on” (annu Egyptian term, heliopolis Greek Term, “on” meaning 10 “days”, indicating the foundation of the decimal system of numeracy which is given from the raised complexity of the isometric matrix, to the degree of the 72 spoked wheel, of 5 degree segments) Earth (Geb a name having no gender, and meaning “generation”: Ge graphically indicated by a standing duck (a migratory prey rather than predator water bird), and informing variants: Su, Se, Ge, Ne; while “b”, is the transliteration of the lower leg, and measure of the Cubit, equal to the “forearm”: A. indicating the complex cycle of the Earth, about its axis and in orbit about the Sun: o O ). It is form the title SuZe, that the speculative meaning of “Son of the Sun” is imposed by Wallis Budge, with respect for the imperial tradition which evolves from the second millenium BC, rather than giving the factual definition which reads as the “generation” of the “circle” or “cycle”, as this “title” was first used by the last ruler of the III “dynasty” of the “predynastic” era which defined governance based on gnomonicity, and hence defined as nomarchy.   The  prototypical system of governance called “nomarchy”, is graphically indicated as one where the “ruling partnership” is “yoked” to the primary relation between the Sun and Earth, and hence the complexity of the knowledge system. It is informed by both concrete and immaterial phenomena, and indeed it is this distinction which separates from all others systems of governance which attempt to emulate the foundational system of governance, without or indeed in full knowledge that the evolution of terms, layered the phenomenal attributes of immaterial yet highly significant elements, with a codification which rendered these elements, as the “breath” and hence in elements of punctuation, and diatritical marks which indicated the harsh and soft breath of the speaker, marks known as the “spirtus Asper” (harsh) and the “spiritus Lenis” (soft).

It is not common knowledge that defines the Copernican Revolution, nor the system of nomarchy which defines the more contemporary Greek spirit, and Greek National tongue, as the use of the “harsh breath” or “Spiritus Asper”, and indeed the use diacritical marks distinguished the people from the “harsh breath” languages of the “northern” and apparently “barbaric tribes”, of the “scythians” and “chimerians”, the former described in Herotodus as exemplars of the spirit of “death” itself, identified as the “grim reapers”, and as a culture whose “masters” would send hoards of horsemen, willing to drink blood from the veins of their steeds as they traveled without rest, who would enter a domain and decapitate people, grabbing the heads of their victims, and tying these to the reins of the bridle, returning to their “homeland”, to make vessells from the skull cap, and hairy cloaks from the scalps.

Indeed the “Triumph of Death” is one such painting of the hand of Pieter Breughal the Elder (1562), that defines this outrageous act, as an act waged against the “cultured peoples”, and their culture, defined in the remnants of the burning “spoked wheels” which litter the landscape, raised on poles, and against the monarchs who are themselves victims, and who patronised the nobles gifted with the time and funds to pursue their studies oriented towards the pursuit of truth, protected with the right to develop knowledge itself for the purpose of traversing the tyranny of ignorance, which flourished from the admission of ancient Greek and Roman texts the most important of which were the 10 books on Architecture, written by Vittruvious, and the “Corpus Hermeticum” dedicated to “Hermes Trismagistus”, that is Hermes the “thrice Majesty” which echoes not only the triple headed serpent destroyed in earnest by Indra, but significantly the term Nu (nununu: ^v^v^v:^^^^^), which in its ancient graphic form: UUU, indicates the crown itself, rather than the “crest” or “shield” informed by the coupling of twin circles: “OO”, whose centers occupied the same points that informed the centers of the twin circles whose distance between their centers equaled their radii, but whose radii where 1/2 that of the alternative structure: “( (|) )”, as the shield and crest so formed, was a significant graph which held the meaning “metal”, evolved from the former meaning  “Wife” hemtsuten hempt, meaning Royal Wife.  It appears that the securing of diplomatic relations between the cultures relationscommonly taken from Mesopotamian stock, and used as the means of securing the lineage from father to son. This royal title first enters the kinglists, after the rule of KAMES, who is remembered for his ability to restore the nation, to its former glory, the stability of his rulership and decrees, secured in the employment of the very device that was  stability of the   which gave relative access to the commentaries which appeared to be informed by the secret teachings of the Egyptians of the New Kingdom. which was everywhere present in the social sphere, exemplified in the crude depictions of human behaviour, which surrounded the nobels engaged in the arts of music, the arts of gameplay, the arts of the chymist, and the arts of the theologians.   of the  the Phonecians and the Greeks, rather than the system of knowledge which is in the process of “coming into being”, from the definitive registration of the new era, underpinned by the Copernican Revolution- which emerged from the public domain. As it was the fact that in Elizabethan times, the “logos” and “emblems” of the system of heraldry had informed the flourishing of fashionable “emblems”, embodied in such things as the “ruffle” worn around the neck, the tradition of placing in plain view, that which was realized as the formative influence of a social hierarchy determined by education rather than wealth, and the desire to open the “franchise” to the common people, through their admittance to the “Globe” theater for example, and their respect for the knowledge of the English tongue, which stripped all gender characterizations imposed by other Imperial Cultures, while admitting specific “graphs” such as “k” which replaced the element “Cyn”, which preserved the idea of the signature, and the signing or cyning of the primary authority and ultimate God.    its identity reiterating the “wave” “^^^^^^”, which informed the “winged and scaled serpent” whose wings inferred the primary 60 degrees of the isometric lattice, and the secondary degrees of the actual axial tilt x2 (48 degrees) which informs the measure of the latitudes of the tropics, and the indication of the “scaled winged serpent”: “^v^v^v^v^v^v<” painted at the “foot” (foundation) of the “sarcophagus” which informed the foundational instruction of the domain data set attributed to the New Kingdom reforms.  , which yeilded  which in the case of IMN, (the law “I” of “MN”- “^^^^^^” and “T”, indicating the line of sight to the circle of the horizon) informed the “‘mirror” MNI, and N(R)M(R) a name taken by the first Ruler MENI, which defined in the first instance, a measured plank, divided according to 10 “cuts”, and in its second instance, a plank divided according to 8 “cuts”, both of which inform the measure of divisions of the horizontal diameter line of a three unit whole, into 24 segments, hence a one unit whole into 8 segments, and 10/8 units indicated by the isometric matrix, and orthogonal rulings perpendicular to the horizontal diameter line. granting the measured ratio of 0.125. by both concrete or physical elements, and immaterial elements, naturally informing the self generation of spatial and temporal information, regarding proximity, distance  embodied in its complex linguistic codification, and all artefacts, evident in the reign of both Thutmoses III (the hermetic king), and Akhenaten (the heretic king), who sought like Hatshepsut, and all rulers from the time of Kames, who sought to reclaim the Egyptian Nation from the long term influence of the Hyksos, and Feminierather than the “generation of the circle”   isometric matrix, after the legendary destruction by the earnest Indra, who destroyed the “triple headed serpent” known as the “Vitra” As the expert astronomer, whose guiding star was the Sun, first and foremost, his knowledge and wisdom informed by the raw data, and the process of natural deduction, constitutes the body of knowledge of the primary relations of the naturally occurring “system” which remains outside the sphere of human influence, and is constantly threatened by the ignorance and arrogance of those who believe that one of the two methods of gathering data, be it from the gnomon, or from the “line of sight” observation, armed with the isometric matrix, or indeed, only with Euclid’s axiomatic system which defines the “elements”, as dissociated from the physical process of scientific labor sourcing information from the complementary methods, which represents the singular means  from whom the governance of the system is determined with degrees of conditional constraints, according to the willingness to admit in the public domain the conclusive results which are counter intuitive, take at least a half year to prove, and provide the inverse correlative and as such, the opposite opinion to that which is apparent to the uneducated mind of the common person, who is not privy to both indexical data sets witnessed from the union of the method of gathering data from a fixed gnomon, and the “line of sight” observation and measure of degrees of periodical motion that constitute the daily and seasonal records of the Sun’s location on the circle of the horizon.

The apparent dissociation from Techne, was evident in the sciences, as Nature, presumed to be the “veiled” muse willing to give up her secrets, to the exemplary human being, where the process of probing this veil, was considered from the perspective of the intuitive field of contemplation, and indeed prophecy, rather than the hard work of engaging in the transformational process of transcending mere appearances, and reaching counter intuitive conclusions.  The veil of “mysticism”, whose fabric was constructed from prejudicial speculations and opinions which flourish in each and every age as the approach to the reality that is ever present beyond this veil is negotiated. The mathematician had become the new “magi” or “sage” of a mercantile priesthood, a provider of “applications”, “devices”, “products”, and “wisdom” who bridged the domain that remained outside the sphere of human influence and inside the sphere of human experience, which if one was inducted into the process, yeilded predictions of naturally occurring events that invested in the beholder the power of a mortal god, who in all events, appeared to be the primary causative influence of the event itself. As a provider of prophecies drawn from the various contrived divinatory systems which included numerology, gematria, grammatria, phrenology and astrology, the individual as interpreter of synchroneous events was raised beyond all others, not as the predictor of self revealing information, but rather as the prophet and director of human emotions, superstitions, and actions, for the information contrived, be it assumed to be given by some disembodied entity, alien being, some “higher self”, or one who appeared to be “enlightened” remained entirely inside the domain of human influence, and outside the sphere of common human experience. In the modern world, with his muse deceived in the intention to reveal to the individual alone, the means  through which the inherent power of the creature, the plant or mineral, could be possessed, enslaved, put to work, controlled, exploited, animated and directed from external signals, in a world where the common masses had been  permitted to believe that the superficial appearance of a flat and motionless world, had flourished with various degrees of knowledge given on a “need to know” basis, for millennia. Raising the degree of the masses ignorance, through seeding misinformation, hypothetical inferences, and doubts ragarding that which remained implicit, until the semantic contextualisation was itself revealed, for there is little which is not able to be intelligibly accessed, became proportional to the rise in the individuals self serving ability to possess wealth and power beyond all boundaries, limits formerly imposed by the intellectual “yoke” which defined the common sovereignty of all things, and the primary distinction between the visible and intelligible which placed humanity itself in the central locus of the knowledge system, informed by the signatures of light and motion, from which the invisible veil of nature that only existed in the use of language was itself turned to dust.

nature, and his means of intelligible access to her secrets, opened as the proximity between between the scientists visual cortex and the layers of the subjects interior surfaces or “shells” of vast distances, was shortened through the use of the telescope and microscope progressed for the purpose of probing the infinitely small domain of the microcosm and the infinitely large domain of the macrocosm. As these technologies, like all technologies including the progressive evolution of linguistic codifications of a national tongue exhibiting degrees of codification according to the conditional characterisations which imposed qualitative attributes of gender distinctions on concrete and immaterial terms that defined spatial and temporal parametrics,  embodied the structural attributes of the “lens”: “()” ; “)(” and “(  )” and “frame of reference” : ( (|) )which constitutes the isometric modelling of real space, and real shapes and forms informed by the higherdimensional inferences that are intrinsic to the 2 dimensional design , the intuitive potential which demanded a process of careful attention to the details already perceived

The work of  Additionally, fears were expressed by none other than Francis Crick,   and in some circles, the presumption that new age maths, as progressed by Architects and Utopian Futurists such as Buckminister Fuller