Pythagoras: Part Three “The Enigmatic Master, Who Inspires The “Golden Chain” of Inspirations Which Enters the Manuscript Tradition, at the Hands of String”.

A depiction of Pythagoras performing harmonics experiments with taught vibrating strings, pipes and various devices. From Franchino Gafori, Theorica Musice (Milan, 1492).

The study of music, constitutes the study of the sound generated from either a pipe, or a “taught string” whose tension and corresponding “note” is informed by the weighting of the string itself. Pythagoras is attributed as the founder of the study of harmonics and vibrational theory. As Pythagoras never wrote a manuscript, or none has survived by his hand, all knowledge of the man and his teachings, comes down to us from reports penned some centuries after he lived. In one sense, Pythagoras “in memorial” defines the embodiment of the master teacher, whose practical approach to geometry, mathematics and physics transcended merely aural or manuscript transmissions. It demanded hands on experiential participation, as do all studies of geometry and technology, as the problem of transcending the merely visible, and accessing that which is intelligible, requires the experimental process, where models drawn and constructed, reveal the correspondence between the design and the constructed figure. All we have of Pythagoras, is the memorials, and from this a legendary status has been raised, and the only real identification of his “art”, which leaves all as merely implicit knowledge, is the fact that he was  inducted into the method which is inferred by the use of the pentagram, and taken as the emblem of his secret school. It is really to Plato that the foundations of the Isometric Matrix must be associated, and the work of Plato will treated in some detail, elsewhere.

As the subject of Pythagoras is legendary, much is made of his exploits, and of the Ancient Greek foundations, which would arguably have been nothing but the noise from the mouths of babes, had not such heroic figures as Pythagoras and Plato, travel led to Egypt. Indeed, it could be argued that the direction of interest towards this legendary figure, may well have important indications to the time which supported his activities, and towards his place of birth, in Samos, which spawned numerous important individuals whose works attempted to bring attention to the facts of the solar system. Pythagoras initiates the hidden tradition in Greece, and appears to be the initiator of the fount from which Plato speaks. Plato, on the other hand, is the revealer, a man of many words which have actually not merely survived, they have always provided the inspiration and aspiration for the “ideal” cosmology. Without Plato, the question has to be asked, if we could have retrieved anything at all from the mysticism which surrounds Pythagoras. Plato is a sober realist, concerned for the complexities which arise with the intention of raising a democratic government. It is from Plato that the Moderns, those struggling in the Dark Ages to keep the lid on the facts which threaten the status quo, while working on the project of unification that might realise the unity between East and West, and those seeking to understand the complexities of a highly complex society, that centralises government, and indeed supports education as the means through which the tyranny of ignorance itself is itself targeted through raising the apprehension of the fact that logic and reason is anchored to the Earth’s motions and the signatures which reveal relations between the luminous and the reflective.

The Pythagorean tradition, establishes a strong mystical tradition which looks to the spiritual master and deceased mortal for inspiration, and claims that those rare exceptions of the human species, are exemplars of the spirit of the Sukkyas, being the higher mind, gifted with a higher order of insights to that which is naturally occurring, self revealing, and remains intelligible, as if they embody the soul of the master teacher returned. With the additional sycophantic diplomacy to recognise the greatest fear in the established elite, who seek on the one hand, to conserve both traditions that celebrate the appearance and illusion of the real, or only are concerned with revealing the real, and on the other hand, are enarmoured with the power to dispossess those who approach the real, through their ignorance of the unified voice of reason that is supported by the logic of ratios and proportions, and thereby fail through their own ignorance to reach the “universe” as the unified voice of logic and reason. It  is evident in both the history of those who support the contrary project as does Archimedes who begins to set the world in motion, for the purpose of quelling the greatest attacks made against the elite, and those who argue against such conceited deceptions of the whole, which in the eyes of the Suzerian Master, destroys the inspirational project to be as if a mortal god, a righteous soul purest of heart and mind, whose intention is to destroy the means through which the enslavement of those rendered ignorant by such deceptions, is realised not in the power to exercise one’s personal authority over “evil” incarnate, but the power to exercise the authority of that which represents the whole of all wholes, as a representative mortal, born of the Earth, for it is the motions of the Earth which permits life to flourish, and the degree of axial tilt, which unlocks the higher order of secrets which reveal the primary relations which are determined by the greatest physiological potential of the individual to assimilate the evidence of aspirations itself.

As the conceit which awards the few, who seek to destroy all that has come before them, as if all is corrupted, the lever through which the individuals power to be considered super human, immortal, if not alien, or from the future, or indeed from light of the sun or an such star, inspired from anywhere but here on earth, it is that which is rendered “popular” and “righteous”, supportive of those who seek to preserve the social cradle as they themselves do comprehend the compulsion to create, and to seek truth, that all with eyes to see, and a mind that looks to all for inspiration, strives to reveal. Those who are celebrated in the media, as the mystic who approaches the truth in the obscure semantics of their carefully chosen words, or in the contemporary world post virtual reality made manifest, it is a present trope, or indeed science-fiction, in each and every time, that is raised for their exemplary support for applications that may indeed make of the few, masters of an empire where wealth and power is given as the benefits of the infinite potential of the machine that if left running long enough, will reap infinite rewards, from potentially zero financial inputs and physical effort. If one produces an application or product, or hypothesis which may be considered a necessary evil, in support of the altruistic project of realising the most sophisticated expression of a complex society, for the greatest number, indeed if all flushed precious water into the ocean with their own bodily waste, or if all supported the manufacture of nuclear power stations which threaten the planet with a toxicity which knows no bounds, while supporting the medical fraternities attempts to heal the growing numbers of sick, and dissabled members of the populations, that itself makes a business of corruption and illness, in the hope of seeking a manifestation of all that is projected as the alchemical potential to create the elixer of life, the panacea of all ills, the perpetual motion machine that defies the laws of natures limits here on earth, but might indeed be applicable to the project of returning to the stars, as if all with superior knowledge are born of the stellar sphere, we who are born on this earth, and are stamped with the signature of light and motion in every cell of DNA, are doomed.

The fact that Natural Law, is Common Law, and that the ethics which constitute the representation of common sovereignty rather than universal royalty which is a “catch phrase” of the current era, that inspires the female of the species to cherish her beauty, her sexuality, and her ability to raise funds for charitable organisations, as the means through which she herself, might become independently wealthy and glossed with the glamor of securing 15 minutes of fame, or indeed, the raising of the Master, as mentor of their Apprentice, in game shows which seek to award the best of a chosen trade, “cooking” striking a universal “chord” in the humble parent, or socialite seeking to impress with appearances alike, and supporting food franchises which currently pressure the produces to take increasingly diminishing profits until such time as they are forced to give up, and sell their farms to the marketeers closing the circle of control over food itself, in service to the collective which thrives on the diminishing power of governmental bodies to reign in such heights of power to control, direct, and articulate the masses in a manner that serves the merchant who provides the market place and new worlds cathedral of propheteering; or in performances which adulate the “game theory” of non communicate game play, which defines the concept of “survival”, in all but an altruistic measure to protect and defend a community, a family group, a society, a nation, or a greater whole informed by the defence and protection of the integrity of the system itself. As the tactical response that anticipates the actions of others, and seeks to deceive them, while exploiting their usefulness until such time as the contest is matched between two final players, the result of a quest in “island survivor” reaches the paradox that the One who is left, as master of his own domain, will in fact die alone, and miserable.

Such an ethic supports the individual who is essentially psychopathically and narcisistically alienated from the fraternal family who is destroyed in the process, and while science might seek the answer to this particular problem, by providing the “stepford wife”, and placing it this paradisaical garden, for the purpose of granting this Adam, some reprieve from his unfortunate contest this Adam remains the subject who is articulated by external forces which in imposing the limits and boundaries and script, instructs his every move as if it is self determined. Indeed, what I am narrating are social experiments. Their directors are popular media marketers. Some if this exemplifies the spirit of positive educational roles which place mentoring and positive encouragement at the center of a practical exercise that is not commonly present in our schools, for no other reason than the ignorance of “representative men” modeled by mystics who like Emerson bare a hatred of the British model of constitutional monarchical governance, and consider the acquisition of wealth and power exemplary of the Imperial spirit of colonization that locates the LORD, as God, whose works may become immortalized as a legend in the mind of others, indeed as was the result of Gilgamesh’s destructive intentions, or Prometheus’ Dream, or in the antipodean world where the criminal is legendary, the terror waged by Ned Kelly, criminal bosses, and sports heroes will be etched in our imaginations for an eternity, if we succumb to the signals delivered indirectly through the medium of popular media. Common Sovereignty represents the necessary model which supports a duty of care for all peoples, and all creatures regardless of their particular interest in either the Arts, technologies or progression of physics, and regardless of their cultural conditioning, degree of apparent primitivity which is grossly misunderstood from the anthropological research of the nineteenth century, and hence directed by and to the male of the species alone.

There is no evidence that Pythagoras was a mathematician, nor that he constructed musical devices that were unique to the Greek Culture. Our ignorance of Ancient Egyptian culture is an acute disgrace that is to be directed to religious extremists who see Art and Culture, from the puritanical point of view that seeks to strip everything down to the bare boards. It is disgrace, attributed to also to the Agnostic and Atheist alike, who fail to comprehend the “gift of culture” and its formative influence, for religion is simply a system institutionalized, and exploited like all other institutionalised systems, for either the greater good, the establishment of a considered “necessary evil”, or either in support of the conscious failings of a society, which permits an “new order” to rise in place of the former magisterial elite, which pushes the envelope of constraints, and seeks to establish a “larger than life” mindset that might support the desire to progress towards the “infinitude” that defines the apparently hollow center and void of the “holosphere”, spuriously marked as as the imaginary point:(0,0,0), which turns all integral wholes to dust, and to which one imagines a “vault” where the invisible hand that steers all wills resides, outside the sphere of human experience, and inside the sphere of human influence, for such a point is in fact imaginary, and determined in the contemporary era, from the idealism which casts the probabilistic domain of virtual reality and potentials to exist that remains outside the sphere of the present, and is intelligible in the flux of the quantum sphere, which transcends the actual and is virtually insubstantial.

With the re-emergence of the system in each new era, defined by a “ground zero” demarcation, established from either the mark of a natural disaster, or without this expectation of a recurrent “millenium” condition, one that is man made, and utilised in the process of negotiating a new crusade to reaffirm the social cradle that redefines Suzerian chains of military  command, we have to look at those who profess to be masters of art,  of  social and civil engineering, who exploit geometry as if its sanctity defines the man made alone, rather than the remarkable, and yet in their provisions, are found to support the romantic view of the arts themselves,  as pure mimicry of nature, and indeed in this, a mimicry of the imagined vision of a utopian domain that is cast in the rose colored spectacle of extreme contrivance and simulacrum (Baudrillard) common to the constraints of an autocratic system which imposes its authority over the “graven image” for fear that the vision will reveal the injustice that is imposed as exemplary measures of punishment and control. From the loss of knowledge in the public domain, to the reverence of the Guru, (SuZe) and Master Teacher, who defies the fact that each age and each environment conditions the person who is greater than merely its soul, or merely its body which remain  undivided in the living individual, we the people are expected to locate the crystal body, by contemplating our our navels. While the navel tradition is symbolically contained in this focus, and the domain of the ancient mariner, and seafarer who carries and controls trade in raw materials and indeed in information, it is maintained as an implicit source of information, determined by the purification of the mind and body rather than the hard work of researching already well conceived material and contrary commentaries.

Indeed, there is no evidence that Pythagoras alone proved the theorem named after him or that he was discovered the ratios of musical intervals, or the geometrical method. This theorem is able to be located in the most ancient of sources from Cuneiform scripts and Egyptian Heirglyphics, which begs the question as the reason and purpose of limiting the manuscript tradition pertinent to the foundations of science and culture, to a wholly Greek foundation as did Bertrand Russell, making Thales the “father” of a science of untiltarian ideals. Nor to the supposed “father” of monotheistic extremism, anchored to the Heretic despotism of Akhenaten, or to the Autocracy of Thutmoses III, who appears to embody the “creator god” Thoth, as if he was mortal responsible for creating the figure “8”. While some call Pythagoras  “a number worshiper” this infers a worshiper of such things as numerology, or indeed infers the notion to be attributed to Aristotle of him, that “all was number”. It would be more correct to say that if he worshiped anything, it would have been the geometrical method from which the study of ratios and proportions is realised, and as his “students” reveal his dedication to the vegetarianism, and to the hard work of revealing that which is intelligible, it is more likely that he worshiped Osiris, the One who is exhalted as the provider of all that is required in support of agriculture and stewardship. As Osiris is the figure that remained quite literally underground, forced in the New Kingdom reformation, to remain in the subterranean landscape of the under world or shadow world of night, appears in the Am Tuat, to be held in that domain by Thoth, guarded by 16 mummies, our attention is drawn to this number which pertains to the geometrical progression x2, and most likely supports an alternative modelling of the knowledge system, which informs the 16 spoked wheel rather than 24 spoked wheel of 15 degree segments, or 15 spoked wheel of 24 degree segments.

Such a wheel is preserved as the “Dharma Wheel” that determined one’s Karmic Lot of Birth right, attributed to Gautauma, who on rejecting the authority of his own royal family and heritage, becomes a “guru” of the dialectical tradition of argument and debate, a tradition which is not unique to Indian Logic, and is present in the annals of ancient Greek Philosophy, particularly from those known as the stoic philosophers who flourished in the century dedicated to the legendary figure of Pythagoras. As the Pentadic figure of the pentagram is central to the identity of the Pythagorean school, the contrary distinction of him being a  number-worshiper and a guru who founded a commune and spoke of the coming of a messiah-like figure, exploits terms which infer the tradition of the “Sukkyas” or “lamas” who seek to penetrate the illusion of the world, through focusing on the void, or that is how the Westernised interpretation of this culture is portrayed. The echo from the Garden, of the curse waged against the land beneath the feet of those expelled, who saw the serpent cast from the tree, and were made as “one of us”, which defines the “lord”, is a curse the prevents at all costs, the revelation of the secret of “eternal life”, a quest which is remembered in the intention to consciously return from death, after reclaiming one’s KA, and BA, from the loss that underpinned one’s mutual service to the crown which defines the “head” of another who commands the self.

The theorem named after him (“the sum of the hypotenuse of a right triangle is equal to the sum of the squares of the other two sides”) is said to be known to the Sumerians as early as 2000 B.C., yet historically, the Sumerians were destroyed as a people, circa 2,400BC, so to whom the usurpers of this land and its people were, who subdued the former culture, and transformed its principle social architecture, remains obscure. Through the narrative “descent” of Innana, from her identity as the “queen of heaven” or Sky goddess, indeed the Aether through which the light from the sun falls upon the moving Earth, and counterpart to the generations from Nu to Tefnut to Nut to the siblings ISIS and Nephthys, and hence in a contrary correlative to the descent of the Father, Innana becomes the  “Queen of Earth”, identified with both Venus and the silver moon, once identified as Apollo. Her apparent deception which describes the exploitation of the drunken father, in her effort to claim the “mes”, for the purpose of supporting the rebuilding of a broken citidel, is an historical narrative which grants a manuscript tradition of the reclaimation of the authority of the male from the hands of the female, subduing her to become wise in all arts of love making, to become the “prostitute”, the “lover”, the mistress of the male member who embodies the “gnomon” as the “errect” pillar, that once supported the “sky”, and fathered serpents from the coupling with light, as cast upon the ground. The evolution of these terms through which the feminine is identified, is a subject that appeals to the guidance of “masters” who have cultivated the “feminist” proclamation that the Earth is Female and has always been considered as such, and indeed has cultivated the seculation that the cunieform model infers the reverence of the female sexual center : “(|)”.

The Male ruler is identified with the “setchat” and walks behind the God who wears the Red Crown of the North, infront of which walks the Female ruler who is identified with the “yoke” to the half circle, unifying the model of the template used in service to the scribe, which ensures the perfection in the outer regions, with the line of sight data set. The “procession” which concerns the control over the set measure, leads to the 10 captives, whose upper arms are bound to their torso, while their heads are placed between the feet, in an act of surrender to the signature authority and guidance of representative rulers who insure a just domain.

If indeed the “lens” is considered as such, we fail to recognise the significance of the cubit measure, anchored to the forearm and lower leg, as the radius of the circle. With arms bound to the torso, the scribing of twin circles, marks the significant points of the intersection, as the two generative centers, common to both males and females, being the mouth and source of words which have the power to both heal and harm, and the sexual center. Any person who holds their elbows to their sides, and performs this action with their forearms, realises the “lozenge shape” so crafted, touches the lips and the lower region, with the fingers so confined. This action echoes the figurative illustrations of the “captives” on the NarMer Palette, whose upper arms are bound to their torsos, and whose heads are placed between their feet, in an act that imposes the surrender of the individual in mutual service to the rulers who are themselves “yoked” to the signature authority of the relation between light and motion, the “setchat” model which ensures the perfection of the arts, in the outer regions of the image, and indeed outer regions of the land, infers that the rulings of the Queen, yoked to the signature authority, and to the line of sight data pertaining to the rising body, which yeilds the degree of the axial tilt, indicated as the “taming” of the twin lionesses whose necks are extended in a serpentine graph of the figure “8”, indicating the undoing of the figure “8”, which is essential for the higher of knowledge to be intelligibly accessed as the quadration of the greater orbital circle, and quadration of the year. The gender distinction which qualitatively characterizes the traditional association with disempowerment, lack of generative power, lack of authority and suspicion of infidelity to the Sun and as such to the Son’s of the Sun which underpin the suzerain model of Kingship, and which sets the Sun in motion, as that which is influenced by the authority by the authority of the male, who appeals to mere appearances as the device which preserves the paternalistic parentalism which constitute the Mesopotamian model of the temple tradition, making all females subject to the authority of male members, defines the threat from the North, which is embodied in the acts of the northerner, Men Kau Ra.

It is ISIS who becomes bereft in the wilderness, as the wild feminine spirit seeking the body parts of her brother and husband, and who informs the myth of Lillith, and the focus on the flowering buld as the Lotus, rather than the papyrus flower, whose “petals” number 15. She is the undomesticated female, untamed and harbouring the terrifying wrath of the disenfranchised culture which honours the feminine as the space between the Earth and the Sun, through which the “ra” of light, falls upon the Earth, generating the image of the serpent from the noon time point of rest. Her body, naturally smaller than that of the “perfect male”, is imposed upon by a cubit measure based on the “perfect” man. Lillith is illustrated with her arms raised indicating the graph “KA”: “(<(|)>)” and “(-(^)-)” which evolves to inform the prototypical Sinaitic graphs “h(alal)” meaning rejoice. She is bereft of family, and is in “morning” at the base of the coffin tree, which represents the loss of knowledge that is informed by the gnomic indicator. The coffin tree informs the death of her brother, her partner of rulings, who as Osiris, is dismembered in the act of the reaching the logical conclusions of higher order of information which reveals the precise degree of the earth’s axial tilt. As lillith, she lies in “morning” of the serpentine image itself, which is marked by the noon time point of rest. She represents the former culture, who recognises the feminine as the sky goddess, supported by the male member, and who is criticized for her apparent infidelity to the Sun, by those who worship the Sun rather than the relation between the Earth and Sun, the field of the Aether, being the medium between the reflective and the luminous bodies, and hence the “sky” and “heaven” is this medium which is gender specific to the Feminine, as the medium appears to be unmoved, invisible, and when void of light, appears to be impotent. The narratives which preserve her crises, as the one who “draws from the spittle of the mouth of Ra, and reveals the secret name of “god”, constitutes the mysticism of ancient conspiracy narratives, which seek to adulate the “sign” of the image of the analemma, rather than the higher order of information, derived from the application of the completed fabric of the garment of god, that is realised in the body of the “eye of god”, drawn and born from the broad light of day, which her partner represents as the prototypical superstructure which informs the protractor, however may lead to imperfections in the outer regions, leading to the preference for the setchat commonly known as the “seed” of the “flower of life” to inform the art of the scribe. Indeed the “seed” of the “seed” is the vesica piscis, or “twin circles” which define the paremeters of the Monad, which informs the three one diameter unit circles, (o(o)o), from which the image of the graph which signifies the name of Nun, is cast: UUU, as the URNES, and half circles, that constitute the vessels to be filled with the light of “god”, informing the image of the crown in reference to the triune sources of light, motion and the mind that participates in the revelation of the facts that define the isometric rulings of natural law.