Pythagoras: Part Two: The Establishment of a Secret School which informs the “esoteric tradition”.

When considering the structure of music (sound) and color (light)  the obvious association must be made with the electromagnetic spectrum, and less obvious is the association to be made with the isometric matrix. The apparent dissociation from the isometric matrix, which remains embodied in the Architecture of the Ampitheater particularly, is intrinsic to the secretion of the study of geometry, which informs the magisterial elite as either law givers or law makers. The loss of knowledge is not necessarily determined by the construction of a secret school, as some might presume, rather the necessity for secrecy is a likely indication that the tyrannical forces within the governing elite, actively prevented the facts from flourishing in the public domain. Be this prevention in the public domain considered as a “given” that is, as something which remains endemic in hierarchically imposed social structures, and militarily conditioned chains of command, or a direct formative influence of a quest to destroy such a power structure, and establish the principles of democracy, which are as Plato stated, determined by the greater rather than the fewer being inducted into the facts that inform the overarching cosmology of a social system, depends on the respect for the signatures of light and motion, as “given” by that which is naturally self revealing, and hence the relation between the Sun and Earth informs the ideology of the “hidden god”, and of the “design” that is naturally revealed in the generation of information, from the translation of the “given” signature to a geometrical model, indeed echoing the identity of the Egyptian God/dess named IMN, AMON, AMEN, who informs the Heliopolitan conservatism, and its “Ennead” of 9 integral elements, who is at once the “self created” and the “creator”.  This “mindset” is countered by the establishment of the Hermapolitan mindset, where the  “One” Thoth, is characterised as the  “Creator” of the “Ogdoad” or “8”, figured as two sets of four elements, being four frogs (transformative life cycle from tadpole to adult) and four serpents. As the Akh Bird or sacred “crested Ibis”, represents the counterpart to Re, the noon time, and the “crest” of the “daily arc” which is one and the same significant point that informs the data gathered that constitutes the signature of the Analemma. Hence in the purest forms, these two mindsets are mutually supportive, in the sense that each constitutes a complementary narrative tradition, which informs the difference between the hidden  “God” which constitutes the relationship between sun and earth, the signatures and the geometrical model, to whom the rulers are themselves yoked, or indeed, if the rulers “embody” the “creator”, from the perspective that the “creator god” is the one who draws that which born in the signature as cast upon the ground, the hidden arm of a directing authority which is imposed upon society itself, locates the human being, as the god, rather than the signatures which Isis “draws from the spittle of the sun” as the signature of the “secret name of Ra”. The crises in thought surround that which eventuates in the conflict between the “hermetic” or “hidden” tradition, maintained by the priesthoods, who constitute the “inner circle” of the elite, (IRIS) whose “pupils” remain inside the covenant, and bound by oaths and the tradition of unruled “kingship”, who exploits the “liberal freedom” of culture that is inherently Mesopotamian in style, in the public domain, while banishing the rights to make any graven image and effectively destroying the livelihoods of the craftsman, thereby preventing the potential emergence of the elements that inform Ennead, in the public domain, and as such the revelation of the ancient Heliopolitan conventions, effectively evolving the unity of the two methods of gathering data from the signatures cast as the shadow, the “line of sight” method, all that is gathered from the broad light of day, and all that is gathered by night, as one knowledge system, remains as private knowledge while the shift from the reverence of the time of rest, to the reverence to the Rising Sun, informs the projection of the Sun Cults, the adulation of the Lunar Cycle, rather than the Sothic cycle, informed by the helical rising of Sirius, which marks with exceptional predictability, the inundation of the Nile, and the predictability of the Annular Eclipse, and its utility as the terrifying fear of the loss of the Sun, informs the antithesis of the Sun Cult, as the Black Sun Cult, granting exceptional power to the One, if in fact the disenfranchisement of the “priesthood” is effected, along with the law that control the work of the craftsmen. With information passed from father to son, and with the “royal wife” establishing the stability between the generations, and hence preserving the control over the people, by a single familial lineage, the rule and authority of that which defined the acts of the  “heretic king”, Akhenaten, is able to be apprehended as the single greatest threat to both the stability of the social system, and the conservation of the knowledge system. A more detailed study of the Egyptian cosmology, and the nature of governance will be given elsewhere. For now the importance of the Lunar cycle, is able to be seen as a misdirection that establishes an alternative anchor to the more complex cycles, the solar, the lunar, the sothic, and more, become reduced in their importance as mutually interdependent sources of knowledge, with the raising of the importance of the lunar cycle alone. Without the details of the other cycles actively informing the whole body of knowledge, the signature of the analemma, and the focus on the lunar cycle alone, prevents the model from which the accuracy of the predictable temporal indications, particularly that which informs the prediction of the  annular eclipse, is removed from the general public. Furthermore, the celebration of Astrology rather than Astronomy, and other forms of divination, obscures the facts more thoroughly. Additionally, associating the “ogdoad” or “figure 8”, with the 8 phases of the moon, obscures the importance of the signature figure “8”, that is “created” by the entity Thoth, and counterpart of Ra. The rise in importance of the mindset of the south, and hence of the White Bulbous Crown, rather than the Red Crown of the North, is indicative of the seat of power, established in Avarice at the time which defines the invasion of the Hyksos, who are thought to have reigned for 500 years,  (Dynasty XV to Dynasty XVIII) and their attempt to destroy the Egyptian civilisation, by destroying their cosmology, and the national identity of a people, which is unified in the Eye of God, the Monad, as the model of twin lands, which definitively shapes the centralisation of governance, where the North, protects the South, and the South protects the North, and all are subject to the profound knowledge system which is honored as the “gift of culture” which is not drawn by any mortal hand, rather it is “remarkable”.

The use of the term “octave” which constitutes a division of the whole into 8 parts, infers an apparent correspondence with the temporal division of the annular cycle, into four primary parts, defined by the midpoints of the seasons, the summer solstice, the autumn equinox, the winter solstice, and the spring equinox, and hence the division of the year, into 8 distinct seasonally defined segments. Additionally, the division of space, north, south, east and west, and the midpoints between these, informs the division of the circle of the horizon, according to the axis of the Earth. Inferences continue, for example citing the 8 significant phases of the lunar cycle from a vanishing new moon, “O”, rising in a distinct phase to 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, waxing to its fullest “face”: 1 after which it “wanes”  3/4, 1/2, 1/4 to “0” once again.

The “national” emblem of the Hittites an Indo-European culture associated historically with extreme degrees of violence and control, established as an imperial force around 1800BC, in the region known today as Turkey, indicates the basic shapes of the 8 pointed star, and square whose vertices are oriented to the ground and sky, encapsulates the model of the solar barch, a ship carrying the “wheel” as if a navigators wheel. Indeed it is Hittites who developed the utilitarian exploitation of the wheel, for it is they who are recognised for their development of the horse drawn chariot, used for transportation, military defense and offensive expansionist tactics for the purpose of claiming dominion over the land and its peoples. This utilitarian exploitation of the “sacred wheel”, for the purpose of raising the power of the human being, its speed, and potential to travel over vast distances, and transport goods across land may be considered from the perspective of the apparent submergence of the model from which the details of the Earth’s complex cycles, and more importantly of its degree of axial tilt, is sourced, which arises from the “opening” of the “knot that cannot be undone”, that is, the figure 8 of the analemma, which leads to the apprehension of the annular orbital cycle of the planet. The act of “setting the sun in motion”, through presenting the wheel itself as if the steering mechanism of a ship, is indicative of the human influence which is raised in proportion to the ignorance of the people, and indeed leads to the notable question of colonisation itself, and the primary tactics employed for the purpose of establishing One, a mere mortal no more, as the “director” of a chain of military command, evidenced as the prototypical manifestation of the Suzerian model of Kingship and Autocracy. Su Ze, which for the Ancient Egyptians held the meaning, “generation”: with variants -Ge, Ne, Se of the “cycle”, whose variants are Ze, Re, Ru, graphically signified by a circle with its center point marked, which is transliterated as “Re”, and leads to the first part of the name of the Earth God, as “generation”, the last part given in the image of the lower leg and hence of the “cubit” :B informing the “running motion” of the planet and the “radius” of the circle, hence the common quality of the Earth God, as “father of serpents”, directly associates the motions of the planet, with the complex diurnal cycle, and particularly of the analemma. As the term SuZe became a “title” first represented in the names taken by the last ruler of the third “dynasty”: Nefer ka-Ra, SuZe, Huni, conservatively dated to 2663-2639 BC, the conservation of this foundational title that is preserved to this day, constitutes the significant reference to the “teacher”, namely the term GuRu.  Indeed the self revealing signatures of light and motion as the “god given” elementary proposition, and their translation as the prototypical model of the “Eye of God” which unifies the elements of the name ISIS (AusT) and OSIRIS (AusR and USR) as the model teacher, where the terms “teacher” and “teachings” transliterated as SEBA, combines the transliterated elements of the “SE” coupled to both indications of the lower leg and the forearm, both equal to the cubit, and informing the alphabetic graphs A and B,the latter having its variant: L, and indeed with the term SEBA being signified with variations that depict a “teacher” with a “baton” or hand held “drill” imposing his authority by drilling the student with the elements of the lingusitic codification, or indeed solely with the image of the “pentad” graphically indicated by the five radials of a spoked wheel of 72 degree segments, the PENTAGRAM indicates far more than the stars of the night sky, which informs the unification of the study of astronomy from all that is apprehended in the broad light of day which could be understood as pertaining to the elements which underpin the daylight data set, and the primary couple ISIS and OSIRIS, who constitute two of four siblings, the others Set and Nephthys, associated with the temple tradition, and all that is apprehended by studying the night sky, and as such, the line of sight observation from the center of the circle of the horizon, to the helical rising of any of the fixed “stars” or  “wandering stars” completes the full extension of the body of knowledge from the two primary perspectives and data sets, taken by day from the gnomon and the line of sight, and taken by night.

The “72 co-conspirators” and the “72 names of god” both of which indicate the narrative elements which on the one hand, infer a conspiracy that suggest the destruction of the body of Osiris, or “undoing” of the analemma, as the “knot which cannot undone”, which indeed has to be undone if the information is to be followed to the conclusions through the process of natural deduction, leads to the crises from which we have not emerged, which is central to the question of “undoing that which has been done”, mentioned in Plato as a reference to the “greater evil”, that is, undoing what has been done by the artificer, in the process of coming to the naturally deduction of the Earth’s complex cycles, and what that means for the progression of the art of the prediction that which is entirely naturally determined, and remains outside the sphere of human influence, as opposed to the “undoing” of “the knot which cannot be undone”, which is the eternal image cast upon the ground, which gives access to the whole body of knowledge that is self revealing by day and by night.

This prototypical crisis in thought, is exacerbated by the fact that it takes a great effort not merely to teach, but to learn that which constitutes the shift from the intuitive to the counter-intuitive and as such the shift from appearances to the facts. Education of the child, and the population, inducted into the process of transcending mere appearances, through the study of what constitutes the primary teacher and teachings, namely the model and its generative form, which is applied for the purpose of apprehending the degrees, ratios and proportions of the naturally occurring “difference” between things, becomes the most important process central to the stability of the social sphere, the preservation of the knowledge system, and the superiority of the cosmological mindset that emerges from this knowledge system. The responsibility for those who are not inducted into the knowledge system, yet are engaged in perfecting their craftsmanship, and hence are vital to the production of goods and services that support a complex civilization whose knowledge and wisdom of the natural is raised accordingly, enabling the careful control over the environment, which in desert regions is vital to supporting life itself, is the most profound responsibility that is underpinned by the yoke of the rulers to the knowledge system, and their service to those who in service to their rulers, willingly “give their heads”, in a mutual partnership as if bridled to the “crown”, who is bridled to the knowledge system which is embodied by the linguistic codification, not as a concealment of the facts which is commonly thought by those who fail to realise the importance of the self generation of elements, that are definitively conceptual, and informed by spatial and temporal distinctions that are not merely concrete terms, given as names to concrete bodies, but rather as a revelation of the whole body of facts that unify the concrete or material phenomena with immaterial phenomena that is entirely significant.

The coincidence or synchronicity between the timing of the establishment of the Hittite Empire, the oaths of Marduk, and the writings which constitute the prototypical disenchantment of the learned people of ancient Egypt, or “misanthrope”, who expresses with clear prose the apprehension of the “gods” who are changing everything, and informing the rise of poverty, violence and corruption in both the administrative body and in the common people is significant. The narrative of Marduk who establishes his authority over the world be recreating it anew, reiterates the narrative of the dismemberment of the body of Osiris, though here, as the dismemberment of the feminine and sky goddess Tiamat, (a name which echoes the Egyptian twin goddesses: “MA’AT”) whose body is blown up until it is destroyed, and whose tears become the Tigris and Euphrates, and parts inform the modulations of the landscape, permits us to comprehend the utility of the characteristic gender distinctions which inform the cultural codifications of the ancient source of cuneiform, and the ancient source of Egyptian Hieroglyphics that are in fact opposed.  This opposition demands the understanding however, that the Sumerians were destroyed as a nation and people, as early as 2,400BC, their lands and citidels usurped by invading tribes from the North and East, and indeed their linguistic codification “reverse engineered” by those who did not have the culture itself, but continued using the culture established by the former peoples, who survived through the necessity of maintaining a population of women. The mythic domain which depicts the “descent of Innana” queen of the sky, to the goddess of the Earth, of Venus, and of the Moon, constitutes a significant shift in the gender distinctions of the Earth and Sky, which for the ancient Egyptians informs the coupling between the Earth God Geb and the Sky Goddess, Nut.

Isis takes the role of the sky goddess, while Osiris is forced underground, in the act of dismemberment, with the removal of his  “member” informing the descent of the “father” Shu, to take the place of the member, through the graphic portrayal of the erection of the pillar of stability, commonly depicted as “work in progress”, inferring the arc of the Sun’s path, rather than signature of the arc cast upon the ground from which the Noon Time: Re is marked. The return of the Father, to the earth, is reiterated in the conquest of Marduk as a mere mortal who takes the power and authority of both the Earth God, Geb, and his progeny Osiris, Isis, Set and Nephthtys, as if the Mortal Lord who represents the Father Shu, while the destruction of the “sky goddess” may well be underpinned by the myth of infidelity of the “sky goddess” herself, who is coupled to the Earth, and is also partnered to the Sun. The flourishing in the public domain of such narratives which inform notions of conspiracy, “creation through destruction” the crafting of a “new era” and so on, constitutes the tropological elements, which necessitate a detailed study of the ancient world, as one whole, from the perspective of a unified knowledge system.

The twin lands of Ancient Egypt, North and South, has one river running through it, opening into the Mediteranean Sea, from the significant point of the branching of the Nile, into several arms, which naturally indicates from a birds eye view, the “Y” shaped figure of the river, and the equilateral triangle of the Delta. The one land between the two rivers of the Tigrus and Euphrates, inverts this image, which informs the meaning of the term Mesopotamia, land between two rivers. The twin lands located their major center of government, at the point where the Delta expands into several branches. The central place, and seat of power of the centralised government, may be graphically indicated as such: |<(|)>|, which echoes the “wings of Ma’at” and twin goddess who preside over each of the twin lands. the “Y” of the river Nile, constitutes the significant image of the next set of lines ruled in the isometric matrix: ( (^) ) and ( (v) ). The first and tenth integer of the Cuneiform system, is “Y” and “|<” respectively. While the graphic “characters” of Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics are informed by both the twin circles, and the rulings of the matrix, the graphic “characters” of the Ancient Cuneiform, are informed entirely by the wedged shape mark, that has the structure of the “Y”, which defines the first integer.

Left: Speculations regarding the Pythagorean Y, from John Dee’s “Monas Hieroglyphics”. Center and Right: Emblems of a heraldic nature used to represent either the strong arm of military rule and hence the suzerain chain of command, or the unity of liberal arts and social sciences and theoretical and applied sciences which distinguish the conventional relationship between the house of lords and commons, and the conservative parties and workers “parties” that informs trade relationships between corporate collectives and common people in Britain.

The “Pythagorean Y” is a structure which is preserved as the characterization of traditional identities of the two complementary “parties” that inform the primary models of government that informs a constitutional system, where monarchy is either based on a “yoke” to the remarkable signatures and their translation which informs the model of geometry, and the model of priesthoods, known for their mathematical interest, which for English speaking nations, generalizes the notion of “liberal parties” who remain “conservative” and “workers” parties who represent the workers rights, indeed as those informed one assumes by the liberal arts and social sciences, and those who are informed by the utilitarian provision of knowledge, given on a “need to know” basis, while with-holding “trade secrets”, which constitutes the acceptance of the “privatisation” of knowledge, with-held from the “common” person, and indeed in more recent times, from both the liberal arts and social sciences, the magisterial elite, the monarchies themselves, and all representatives who rise from the masses, educated by degrees from a system that is either utilitarian, and hence narrows the foundations of theoretical science to a study of physical phenomena at the expense of the knowledge arising from significant immaterial phenomena, supported by the masses whose degree of ignorance is the responsibility of the bipartisan ethics of government itself, as people who are naturally not fully aware of the “cutting edge” of science and technology. As the “cutting edge” is just that, definitively sorting fact from fiction, or in consideration of an overarching body that presides as a “physical society” alone, or indeed a “lunar society” which confines the body of knowledge to the historical cultural constraints of the lunar calendar, the “black sun cult” and the “sun cult” definitively identified as the “rising sun”, extends the sorting process accordingly.

The differentiation between the study of concrete elements, and significant yet immaterial phenomena, thereby rejects from the public body, the knowledge amassed from immaterial signatures, which constitute the “image” of the real, which demands careful interpretation, and is captured in technologies progressed for the purpose of traversing the tyranny of space and time such as the microscope, the telescope and the camera, and human one would hope, would serve to defend the populations from the tyranny of ignorance which naturally flourishes in the public domain, as “hypothetical” notions are assumed to be “banished” by the governing body, which supports the rise of conspiracy theories, and the need for careful attention to the differentiation between facts naturally deduced and fictions inferred and anticipated as the suspension of the process of natural deduction remains effectively a “given”, in the post modern world, which cherishes the spurious notion that there are no truths sourced from that which remains outside the domain of human influence that are not subject to the hand of the mortal artificer, hence in ignorance or conscious failure of the apprehension of the remarkable signatures, which are captured by the hand of the mortal artificer, or mechanism of the camera.

As the masses remain subject to the proliferation of ideas given in “popular” media, which generally remains outside the peer-reviewed process of theoretical science, itself compromised according to the differentiation between the material and the immaterial,or the cultural and conditional constraints of the overarching mindset that remains subject to the with-holding of privatized information, that which informs the construction of a variety of applicable mathematical “scripts” which serve the proliferation and development of technological products and applications, takes on the role of both revelation and obscuration, dependent on the degree of knowledge admitted in the public domain, informed by the way in which geometry is taught, and acknowledged as emergent from the Euclidean project of axiomatisation, which yeilds the cube cage, within which all “higherdimensional” topologies are mapped according to “imaginary space”, or indeed, from the constructivist model of Hilbert Space, which unifies all aspects of past present and future time, as one dimension that remains in the hands of the constructivist, or from the intuitive geometry of Klein, which sought to unify the Analytical with the Synthetic, and in rejecting Euclidean geometry as “school boy” impositions, betrays the fact that Klein himself was either incapable of comprehending the topological principles of Euclid’s axiomatic universalism, or was influenced by a model such as the “purse of fortunatus” or other such enigmatic shape, like for example the “Pelican Christus” or Ouroborean Ring, all being intrinsic to the modelling of the Klienbottle, or was influenced by the work of August Moebius, with or without comprehension of the fact that the “Moebius function” was embodied by the structure – commonly known as the Vesica Piscis, or “eye of god” which translates the analemma, as twin circles: “( (|) )”, and hence models the Heliocentric point of view, informed by the “birds eye” or “Promethean” point of view witnessed as if on the Sun, or as the Sun, tracking the line of a single ray of light, and its signature “scribed” upon the moving surface of the planet, in the  course of the year, which infers the “gyrations” of the Earth, which are due to the influence of the axial tilt of the planet, and nothing more.

As the model known variously as the Vesica Piscis, with the inclusion of the Iris, or occular circle the “eye of god”,  or the “Monad”  or “Pythagorean Quaternary” each of which supports the construction of an equilateral triangle, given in Euclid’s first proposition, we find that which is given first and foremost, is in fact all that is necessary for the entire project of geometry to flourish as the means through which a progressive society, moderated or not, that is subject to the constraints of a Just system and credible system of Justice based on the Laws of Nature which are Common to all peoples, given their induction into the signatures, their translation, and the rulings of the superstructure which Copernicus revealed as the single “frame of reference” used to equally prove  both the geocentric and heliocentric perspective of the solar system.

The complexities of this shift from the reverence of the wheel as a sacred “product” which informs the rise of the temple tradition and reveals the foundations of a hexidecimal system of numeracy based on the isometric matrix, and hence informing the 2 dimensional design of the Hexagon and the Cube, the Octahedron, and tetrahedral “star”, all embedded as the primary platonic shapes and forms, and as openly embodying the reverence for the complements of light and shadow, which inform the relations between inverse correlatives all of which is foundational to the predynastic Egyptian culture, as the “completed fabric of the garment of god”, which informs all rulings of the predynastic period, and leadership yoked to the system of nomarchy representative of both the material and the immaterial elements of the linguistic codification whose name, “hieroglyphics” is merely a variation of translations from “the completed fabric of the garment of god”  which in the very least preserves the acknowledgement that the holonomic graphs were in fact sacred  as is the “art” of geometry which as a self generative model translated from self revealing signatures, in its own right, “IS” that is as a “techne” that is considered as “being” in fact “given” as the “gift of culture” that is not “made up” by the imaginations of men or women, nor indeed is the concept of “god” imagined as “remarkable”, for it is remarkable of the primary relationship which yields TRIUNE sources, unifying the source of light, motion and mind, in one point, orthogonal projected upon the ground, and whose translation, and process of deduction leads to the “foundational superstructure” from which all three and higher dimensional constructions and notions are inferred from the two dimensional image which constitutes a sound design that has a three dimensional correspondence that reveals each line ruled as the building of the crystal body which informs both mineral, biological and information applications of crystallography.

Higher dimensional figures, captured with the aid of the human hand, telescope, microscope, and camera, as “images” which are similarly self revealing in nature, progresses the application of the human mind, to the visible, and intelligible, be they from beneath the surface of an integral whole, or one the surface of an integral whole.  It is for this reason that the categorical logic which remains “idealised” as the Platonic model, which differentiates “all that is” as both  visible and  intelligible, is specific to the human knowledge system, as the human species participates in the process of revelation, of that which is transformational, leading to the shift from mere appearances that are imminent that are transcended as intelligible information is apprehended.

The common use today of “stage magicians” such as James Randi, who is neither a scientist nor a credible authority on education, employed to shed doubt particularly on those subjects which probe the vibrational domain of the electromagnetic spectrum, is in fact a dangerous farce, that simply breeds prejudicial notions, suspended from a satisfactory process of natural deduction, leading to dangerous notions which tend to doubt the relative freedom of the individual that is raised according to the degree of knowledge obtained, from being subject to misinformation, misleading directives, and doubts which raise the suspicion of conspiratorial directives sourced by the hidden domain of private institutions. This utility makes a mockery of journals which once held the respect of the scientific community, and now are merely populist, breeding contrary notions, contradicting respected members of the scientific community, and failing to provide any satisfactory evidence outside of doubt, based on the opinion that similar results could indeed be apprehended by different methods. this alone does not prove or disprove an experimental study, rather it simply obscures the study, and permits the privatization of information, the removal from the public domain, and the supports the rise in power of private institutions, and diminishing of power in the governing bodies.

Furthermore, the public appraisal of individuals who fail either consciously or not to reveal the complexities that are inherent in the concept “god” with or without a capital “G”, and reject all notions of the Artificer, and various distinctions entered into the discourse of theology by Plato with no account of the distinction between the “signature” authority and various systems of geometry which inform the judgement of a thesis or hypothesis, simply admits the conscious failure of the “system” which is a failure against the body politic, supported by public media institutions.

We are in fact returning to a world similar in many respects to the world which informed the “esoteric” school of Pythagoras, as a private school of master teachings regarding the singular teachings that inform Physics, Mathematics and Theology, as both Plato and Aristotle recognized, maintained in the private sphere, for fear of recriminations.

As Aristotle accepted as a given, the relationship between Poetry and Cosmology as tropological narratives which remain inspiring and aspirational and theoretical physics which remain subject to the degree of one’s knowledge; as he accepted that “all was number” rather than distinguishing between ratios and proportions which remain constant, and inform through the application of a set measure, number; as he appears to accept the provision of the acknowledgment of mere appearances in the public domain and the privatization of that which is intelligible; and as his Oral Doctrine reveals a full awareness of the power of the spoken word, and the differentiation between this and the written language, we have to ask the question was to what indeed constitutes the “given” model, and who in fact gave or imposed the model, for the Ionian Colonies and their quest to reclaim them from the Persian suzerian command, appears inform a modus operandi, that results in Alexander’s conquest over the “whole” of the “known world” and retrieval of important cultural information, not least in importance, the models that are associated with the infamous “knot which cannot be undone”  or Gordian Knot, to which he was confronted when entering the domain of the Phrygians in 333BC, for it is this which informs the wearing of the “crest” peaked forward, which identifies those who support the common people, in the quest to relingquish the tyranny of despots, oligarchs, and autocrats who are generally ignorant – as indeed was Gordias a humble peasant who became the crowned figure head, prophesied by the magisterial elite of the community, after King Midas fled the kingdom and his responsibilities. A humble crown, subject to the mysticism of the oracular tradition rather than the ocular tradition of the eye of god superstructure, is a crown that is subject to a hidden arm of authority, which drives the governing body, the administrative elite, and the common person, as if this direction constitutes the hidden influence of a personal god. As such a god is able to be petitioned, and swayed with sacrifice and offerings, it constitutes a lesser being, a “demiurge” in the terms given by Plato, or a “genii” that influences one’s inspiration or aspirations, to use Kepler’s sense of the spirit of the master of the golden chain of being that defined the scientist as the embodiment of the Pythagorean spirit, and as such infers the embodiment or utility of the spirit of a deceased past master, or other disembodied soul, alien from the physical world of bodily form, who remains inside the sphere of human influence.