From the “Eye of Re” to the Bladder of the Fish – Melanie Claire Purcell PhD.

My primary intention is to reignite interest in the one project that appears to be actively abandoned: “Wiki-Project Multidisciplinary”: . The totalising spirit of globalisation has failed to support global governance as a directive stewardship of whole. Rather, the conservation of the so called ‘divine plan’ is itself sustained, from which our current trial is rendered subject to the tyranny of ignorance that prevails as the veil of mysticism is raised which actively shrouds already revealed knowledge. Our collective failure to adequately transform the vision of the foundational plan which serves to create the criminal landscape which flourishes as the naturally concealing cover of darkness, constitutes the rejection of all that is revealed under the sun, and in the broad light of day, which informs the foundations of our knowledge of astronomy, that serves to expose the measure of ratios and proportions which informs the manual arts, or artifacts of ‘man’.

Rather than securing a future, supportive of the large populations that flourish in highly organised complex social systems, that which is embodied by the architectonics of the built environment, is itself rejected as the unknown culture, indeed emergent from the ‘lost word’ or ‘lost logos’, a ‘royal secret’ no less, which conditioned the earliest complex societies to respond with a revolutionary act, realised in the creation of a code that like nature itself, reveals as much as it conceals, indeed subject to the powerful transformation that informs the natural induction of a student tuned to nature with a scientific mind, enlightened by the information that is revealed and remains self revealing. The populations themselves are the target that infers an ultimate and final solution, wielded as the State is exploited once more, as a “means” to a “given end” supported by the echo of the loudest cries of the mathematician, who in a premature summation of the script which exposes a deeper sensibility of logic and reason illusive to this magisterial grant of authority, utters a crises of over population, which informs a speculation of the “higher mind” cultivated to serve the will of a ‘hidden god’.

It is becoming progressively clear, that a unified and collective “common purpose” to defend and protect the continued growth of and dependence on fossil fuel industries, appears to be supported by the foundational presumption that mineral based material science, embodied by the discipline of crystallography, informs the foundations of natural science per se. Indeed, if this were the case, the defence and protection of scientific knowledge itself, as emergent from the study of the plethora of concrete shapes and forms that flourish as naturally occurring things, informs the geometrical translation of these shapes and forms, as geometrically dynamic coherent structures that merely have the potential to mimic the shapes and forms found in nature, disabled from any exposure of the function that is inherent in information.

Such a form of mimicry, locates the foundations of geometry as an entirely human influenced system inspired by nature, and totally dependent on the unique and uncommon human faculty of the intuitive imagination to create relatively arbitrary structures, which replicate those structural forms embodied by the concrete elements found in nature. With such a foundation, that assumes no access to a higher authority, it is the unique and uncommon human faculty of the imagination trained for the purpose of generating scripts that inform the complexity of higher-dimensional shapes and forms, considered to be the font of intelligent design, from which the artifice of intelligence is itself perceived, as a derivation from the pure mathematics, proven as if the proof itself, is in the “pudding” created, to merely infer a ‘true to life’ approximation of a correspondence between the intellectual artefact and the natural occurring figure, which is determined as if by an imperial ‘rule of thumb’.

Contrary to any conception of a “higher authority” which remains outside the sphere of human influence, and inside the sphere of human experience, natural science would be founded on the very stuff which remains within the sphere of human influence, from within the rarefied sphere of an elite whose singular gift of mathematical expertise and proficiency exposes the presumption of a higher form of mindfulness that remains outside the sphere of common human experience. Truth would in turn be an ‘ideal’ based on the highest form of human intellectual activity as embodied by artifacts which in turn informs physics, as a universally applicable science which serves the manual arts and mimicry of naturally occurring shapes and forms. Our only hope would be in the approximate the real and actual which appears to deceive us. The Nature of a thing, as a term, would as such be synonymous with the term’s shape and form. Its function, the muse or inspired breathe and the directional guide of human aspirations for the ongoing pursuit to unlock the deepest secrets which resist all of our attempts to replicate the function of complex systems, would remain hidden not only from plain sight, the complexity of the function of a system would remain subject to our rudimentary experiments with isolated elements contained in artificial domains, illuminated by artificial sources of light, and indeed, observed by artificial instruments which capture the image that constitutes the raw data gathered. This in turn, would inform our attempts to compare and contrast the body of information that is real and actual, with the body of information generated by the fine art of pure mathematics. A 1:1 correspondence between the geometrically determined script, and the relatively isolated system of experimentation would constitute the “ideal”. A close enough approximation to the subject matter is commonly all that can be hoped for as the limits of science are assumed to be a reflection of the limits of the human power of imagination.

Regardless of this apparent limitation inherent in natural sciences, the information progressed has inevitably a high degree of utility which supports the progression of the manual arts, the development of goods and services, consumable and labor markets, all of which are highly supportive of economic growth. The liberal freedom to create markets, to generate consumables and services, to create work, to source raw materials, and to profit from such activities, constitutes the greatest concern for the defence of such a system informed by and informative of human enterprise, where “success” is measured in the generation of wealth and power to philanthropically support others who are of mutual benefit to such a complex economic system, and constitutes the only “qualitative” indicator of the applicability of the unique human capacity for ingenuity and creative expression. The “manual arts” which constitute the plethora of physical products which embody the intellectual capacity of the Artificer, are in and of themselves, the constituents of “culture” and collectively include both the applied arts and sciences, that are both utilitarian and decorative, fashionable, and functional, and extend to include all technologies, all arts and crafts, the fine and literary arts of architecture and sculpture (3D), of painting, prose poetry and literature (2D), and of installation and performing arts of theater and entertainment, sound and film and all that is communicated from a composed script in both real present time (4D – 3D space and 1D time) or from an active participatory and anticipatory engagement between the “entertainer” and the “entertained” (6D spacetime), or indeed, as “record” of such a production, which has the potential to replayed, as sound, film, or as a gaming environment with “many world” potentials, albeit scripted and predetermined, or indeed as a holographic and multidimensional experience of a non interactive past event (4D). From such a world view, Science is at its foundations, an Art which informs the principles of Design and Technology.

This paper, however bold in its intentions, seeks to restore the very thing which may be seen by many as a curbing of the natural spirit of human creativity, and of the individuals aspirations for freedom, considered to be the assumed right to absolute autonomy. This paper may indeed be considered at first sight, to be a treatise which is against liberty, and against human freedom to create whatever the senses desire, or whatever the mind seeks to influence or to bring into being, regardless of the cost to others, the cost to the environment, the cost to social and intellectual coherence, the cost to the knowledge system itself. However, in its defense  and indeed if the reader can muster the potential to curb their own prejudicial response, and dampen their agitation which is articulated by the ideological convictions that are themselves informed by nothing more than an intuition that something known and cherished is being stripped from their grasp, or that some perceived “unalienable right” is being taken from the cradle of their mind, this paper supports the ultimate freedom of the human species, as a whole, indeed, emancipated from its inherent servitude to the collectivist body corporate.

The greatest vulnerability of the species, is also its greatest strength. This is not a paradoxical statement, and indeed in the course of this paper, the reader will be introduced to the fact that paradox only arises when the natural complexity of a self revealing system, indeed, one that is both real and actual, is abstracted to the point the facts of complementarity, reciprocity and inherent relativity are obscured to the point that they remain unaccounted for. The vulnerability and strength of the human species, in contained in its intellectual power to transcend the merely explicit, the superficial, the visible and apparent images shapes and forms which remain as imminent and significant, through apprehending that which is intelligible, and implicit as the phenomenal relation between reflective and luminous bodies, with varying degrees of freedom to move, with varying degrees of conscious and unconscious compulsion directed from both an internal voluntary and involuntary power to respond, to external phenomena. These real variables, of both conscious and unconscious drives, define the human power to self motivation, anticipation, action, strategic planning, and indeed permits us to realise our greatest physiological potential as responsible adult beings, inalienated from the complex world that we both inhabit, participate in, and co-create.

Alternatively, these real variables may be influenced so strongly by external directives, that our personal power is reduced to the point that our capacity to respond to external forces, as self empowered, self directed and self motivated and consciously responsible adults, able to participate in the co-creation of our built environment, and complex societies, alienates us from our true physiological potential. If a human child loses their capacity to respond consciously and effectively to both internal and external drivers, their physiological potential to reach a degree of responsible adulthood, reduces the human being to a creature that is articulated by their emotional responses rather than logical powers of reasoning which emancipates us from the articulation to flight of the superstitious mind. The creature grows to adulthood, failing to develop a participatory, actively co-creative engagement in the world, and in this failure, either seeks to negate all external direction, striving to dominate, manipulate, and direct all that is external to it for themselves, tending towards the development of a narcissistic, sociopathic character of a predator, or alternatively fails to respond altogether, and in the reduction or extinction of the physiological potential for a natural balance of interactive and participatory informational exchange, tends towards the development of a fearful prey animal, whose potential for coping with external direction, constitutes the relinquishment of the self empowering confidence to question external directives, its source and cause, its relevance or irrelevance, or its positive or negative impact upon the greater good of all that is influenced by such a power.

The human species, is neither naturally a predator, nor a prey animal. Such powerful extremities however, may be created or result from external influences that are both naturally occurring and man made. Indeed, from the directions of other more dominant authoritative members of the species, the “common mind” may become the mortal coil that binds us to the sphere of ignorance which is the primary support for greater evils. Both naturally occurring climatic, geological and geographical influences, and social, political, cultural or religious and inherently communicable influences arising from within the species itself, inform the breadth and depth of our experiential engagement in this complex world, and range from the extreme degree of catastrophic forces that the species as both a collective or individual, has no powers of influence to either effect change, or indeed to change the course of impending events, regardless of our powers to predict impending natural disasters, or to predict the outcome of forces which historically recur as entirely human in origin, and as such, are communicable, and determine our collective and individual sphere of influence to effect change, to direct the course of events which are anticipated and indeed familiar to those who study the historical ebb and flow of human influential powers mobilized as a collective force, which utilizes the state as a means to an end, for the greater good of the whole, for purely self serving interests, or for the purpose of supporting the interests of those who support the self. The two last categories, that is, action and influence based purely on self interest be it apparently “enlightened” or otherwise, or supporting others who serve the interests of the self, has a long and possibly most obvious history. It could be said that it is this which dominates the course of action taken by individuals who are granted the power of authority over others for the purpose of both defending and protection the knowledge that is applied in service to a complex social structure, where securing the potential to exploit and exchange raw materials inclusive of intellectual property, which serves the interests of those who apply themselves to the task of creating markets, goods and services, which in turn supports the internal shape, form and function of a highly complex and primarily sedentary civil and social network, constitutes the primary concern for conservative defense of economic expansionism. Alternatively, and informative of action which is purely resulting from primary self interests, the will to take possession either by brute force, or by the application of strategic intellectual machinations, which partially enfranchises the “human resource”, paid “in kind” as a return for its labor  or indeed, paid “in kind” for the use of the land and control over its productive potentials, is suggestive of “enlightened self interest”.

The power to utilize the land, the people as resource and a labor market, to direct the actions of the administrative elite, and to influence those authorized by a voting public, to not merely represent the greater number as administrators of all public institutions, but to represent the nation, the land, and the knowledge system which prevails as the ultimate science of progressively self revealing and already revealed facts, constitutes the greater power that is raised proportionately to the rise in ignorance of the greater number, as knowledge which may well provide the power that leads to wisdom, exposes a higher order of facts, while ignorance cultivated in the greater number, permits knowledge without the wisdom of understanding, to be used as a weapon, wielded against a vulnerable population, whose destiny is reduced to that of animals.

The ultimate science of progressive self revealing facts supported by facts already revealed is the science which exposes foundational truths, upon which the knowledge system is built, informing both experimental scientific procedures, and the application of technologies which are progressed for the purpose of recording raw data, from progressively smaller and larger domains. The progression of the telescopic and microscopic lens constitutes the “frame of reference” through which the subject is sighted. The progression of the “camera” as the primary means through which an image is captured of the object being viewed, which constitutes the mechanical variables of its many parts; the aperture through which light enters an internal domain; the “shutter” speed which determines the precision of the time allowed to permit light to enter through the aperture; the degree of sensitivity of the medium and the fixation of the image captured in this medium, all mechanical variables which are themselves progressed as the means through which the infinitely small and infinitely large are able to be observed. Furthermore, the potential to transport the instruments used to both view and gather raw data, pertinent to the subject in question, expands the physical circle of our collective “horizon”, already inclusive of the elements which are visible as the “ celestial sphere” of relatively fixed stars, observed from a significant location on the surface of the planet, to the moving location “freed” from the constraints of the gravitational field of the planet Earth, that embodies the instruments used for the purpose of gathering raw data framed by the lens. Such observations extend the sphere of human experience.

That which is naturally occurring and self revealing, indeed, to be revealed, and already revealed, known and named and scaled according to the spectrum of harmonic vibrations, constitutes real and actual phenomena, that is, was and will ever be, regardless of the human power to record, report, expose, and deliver such facts to those who hold the power of authority to effect change. Being aware of this expansive “circle” or “sphere” of knowledge is determined by the provision of educational resources that provide the student with an point of access to all literate, numeric and symbolic phenomena, through programs which focus on literacy, numeracy, and art. Additionally, educational products that seek to provide the masses with detailed documentary accounts of the “state” of the arts and the sciences, have the purpose of providing sufficient means through which an overarching comprehension of the interdependence between theory and practice is inclusive of the awareness of the mystical veil which casts its shadow over facts revealed, subject to what Francis Bacon referred to as the idols of the cave, the den, the market place and the theater. As a veil which to many who have no anchor to foundational truths, which inform the basic principles of astronomy is impenetrable, and impervious to the sensible approach of rational and logical forms of reason, the “twilight of the idols” predicted by Nietzsche who sought to transcend the limitations of the Master model, and indeed model of “mastery”, fails. The inference of prophecy rather than scientific predictability as the means through which the superhuman might be realized, informs his appeal to the enigmatic hyper-notions that constitute the legendary gift of culture granted by the Hyperboreans themselves, whose journey ends in their arrival at Delos only to find that the installation of the “gods” precede them. Apollo is transformed from the lunar god to the characterization of the Sun, while Dianna takes the place of the characterization of the moon, the protector and defender of the eternal child, and the huntress. This narrative disseminated from the mists of time and space, preserved in the icy climes of the snow covered realms guarded by the spirit of the winged dragon as Herotodus reveals in his Histories, has been spuriously exploited to indicate a singular superior culture, possessed by a singular legendary race. Beyond the dualistic projection of absolute good and evil, cast as if as distinct as the depths of night is to the middle of the day, his muse that betrays the gift of culture itself, is bound to the singular rod, the staff, the “revealer”, and “gnomon”, which is far more than the mitred square of Euclid’s Elements, which provides a key to measure. All these things are negated in the eternal recurrence of mystical speculations and prejudicial opinions for this “veil” actively flourishes in periods where “an end” is itself realized  the goal completed, and the assimilation of relatively radical information already revealed in the most complex domains of expert specialization  publication and public intercourse, informative a new era of knowledge becomes embodied in and as new technologies which usher in a “new era”, marking a new ground zero, as the technological singularity is itself transcended.

The establishment of a new codification, communicated to those who have the power to decode it, granting ever new mediums of social interaction, which in and of itself constitutes a period of cultural reformation according to the goals which have remained consistent over the course of history, betrays the embodiment of knowledge, where today’s “body of the whole truth” constitutes the one and the same figure: “\/\/ \/\/ \/\/”: “/\/\/\/\/\/\” which ties the end to the beginning, for all that Thales inferred as merely “water”, is exposed as the “wave”. The potential for a coherent system of global governance and institutional administration, which informs the globalizing systematic structure that in turn informs information retrieval, processing, and directives, is in fact embodied in the structural architecture which constitute the Artifact  which is itself underpinned by the machinations of the conscious awareness and utility of the binary model, which obscures the monadological unity of the monocular structure of the neutral and undivided whole: “( (|) )”.

Indeed, while this goal can be traced through the historical recurrence of the “gifting of culture” a constant process which is fundamentally underpinned by a unification of both the visible and the intelligible is exposed, and is rendered vulnerable to powerful collectivist forces that are committed to the common purpose of a primary defense and protection of the right to economic expansionism which seeks to secure as both physical and intellectual property, raw materials which threatens to destroy the systematic building of knowledge itself, and more importantly the potential for the greater number to be enfranchised by already revealed knowledge, which is the only means through which an open democratic social sphere can begin to function.

The veil of mysticism and sophistry infers today, as it did at the time of Bacon’s writing, and indeed as it has done throughout all major revolutionary epochs in history, the majority of speculations of conspiratorial action which informs the popular narratives that are largely based on a failure to anything more than speculative opinion. Some of the most popular hypotheses which flourish today and have the potential to mislead and misdirect the masses from the exposure of the very elements which in the distant past, inferred the subject of “god” and indeed “godlike” directions and powers, as pertinent to the “higher authority”, and fail to comprehend the significance of naturally occurring and self revealing phenomena which remains outside the sphere of human influence, and inside the sphere of human experience. The “touchstone” to the most rudimentary signature records which inform the highly symbolic elements that collectively constitute the mathematical codification of informational phenomena which in turn exposes the relations between things, as insubstantial yet as significant as the moving shadow cast from a simple indicator, is the philosophical stone, once possessed as the image of the raised pillar of stability, which supported the arch of knowledge itself.

Indeed, the moving shadow reveals nothing of significance unless and until it is retraced by the hand of the observer, and remains impotent unless comparable to corresponding information gathered from alternative points of view of the same physical bodies which inform the projected images cast, and indeed fails to serve progressive developments of this knowledge to a higher order of conclusions, unless the elementary propositions so formed from this signature authority, are translated into topologically coherent analogue models, which not only constitutes the “whole” and its basic division into parts as a complex construction of circles, but are also able to be mapped according to the “linear” record of process as the trace through space over time.

The entire edifice of harmonic theory, which constitutes the spectrum of analysis that informs contemporary physics, as distinct from applied and manuals arts and technologies, yet dependent on the progression of these, is as such compounded as both revealed, and to be revealed facts. There is nothing present and either accounted for, known and named, or wanting to be known and named, that is excluded from the domain of the spectrum of harmonic analysis other than the spectre of the void, which is imagined as the first and final source and cause of all that is.

Indeed these two aspects of ultimate reality, constitute the recognition of both realism and anti-realism. If we simply observe the world around us, we cannot divorce ourselves from the awe-inspiring majesty that is witnessed in both the simplest of things which commonly lead us into the discovery of the most complex truths, and indeed in the harshest of complexities which commonly expose the gross attempt to simplify that which his inherently rich with complexity.

Yet the most common popular speculations, determined by popular media are commonly unscientific. Based on the historicism that occurs from interpretations of created artifacts fixed as if from a specifically skewed perspective, and supportive of the basic enterprise of colonisation, the annals from the distant past remain concealed by those without a significant grasp of geometry, or of the bridge between it and the signature authority, which informs the comprehension of the constituents of natural law. The Ancient Gods and Architects infer all but the facts which inform the scientific observer. The embodiment of knowledge encapsulated in the erection of the Obelisk, the Pyramid or collection of Menhirs which scribe the 12, 15, 24, 30, 60 or 72 divisions of a circle representatives of the numerous “names of god”, constitute the silent but pregnant graphic figures indicating the entire volume of knowledge that far later informs the discipline of crystallography, its application to organic chemistry, and its final repository as the theory of information, now known and named ‘gnomonicity’. With the most dominant of notions flourishing in support of the most barbaric form of offensive imperialism, underpinned by the extreme conceit of assuming a complete grasp on the elements of culture, colonization of the landscape, of the nation, of the human mind, and body is reaffirmed by the presumption that the ancient masters of the distant past, whose exceptional knowledge of geometry is everywhere exemplified in the build environment, were not born of this Earth. The simple reason for this presumption which serves all who aspire to perpetuate this farce unimpeded, is that we have collectively failed to expose the complexities which are embodied in apparently primitive codes which encapsulate the foundational principles informative of the ancient process of embodying information in technologies which we continue to do. The primary feature of a technological provision is in its structural relations which speak of the architectonics of shape form and function. As such, the most ancient linguistic codifications contain the primary symbolic means of building a rich holographic language pattern that incorporates both concrete and phenomenal attributes. These are inclusive of concrete and descriptive terms pertaining to relations, which inform a sophisticated process of combining elements that indicate various “animal powers” to use one of Joseph Campbell’s phrases, and are highly pictographic, and preserve a bridge between cultures which flourished well before the risen ocean sea levels covered significant land bridges, and those whose revolutionary spirit sought to reveal rather than conceal for the greater good of mankind. The physical “break” between the former old world and the new world defined by the stabilised end of the ice age, circa 10,000 BC, literally changed the physical ‘face’ of the planet. One of many catastrophic events endured by our species, informing this planetary domain, and all around it, constitutes the primary reason for the commitment of knowledge in a physical form which could survive the ravages of both natural and man made destructive powers. Evidence of this, while contained in the geological, geographical, climatic and archaeological records open to us today, is reaffirmed in the cosmology given by Plato called the “Timaeus”, along with the exposure of the geometrical method, granted as if a process of reverse engineering.

Indeed, with access to this far distant past culture, preserved in the living symbolic domains of indigenous human cultural expression where mutually inclusive projections defined as the distinction between “women’s business” and “men’s business”, united as an egalitarian process of parental support which concentrates primarily on both birth and conception rights respectively, each engaging the participation of the other, while appearing only superficially to infer a closed system of secret information regarding spiritual practices and responsibilities designed to ensure the embodiment of the soul first into a physical body, and finally anchored to the centre of the earth. From the induction of young males into conception rites, which sing the soul into its physical conception initiating new life within the womb anchored through the placental cord to the mother, to the singing of a physical connection played out in the burying of the placenta and afterbirth into the Earth which anchors the soul of the newly born generation to the location which affirms the identity of birth right to a specific “country”, both male and female business concerns the mutually inclusive parental responsibilities for the defense and protection of the people and their culture, manifest in the calling, delivery, health and physiological wellbeing of the next generation, raised to adulthood. Such rites and rituals persist in the vast continent of Australia and have included the relatively recent gift of this ancient culture to numerous “new Australians” of both genders. A window of opportunity is generously extended to the “other”, as an expression of the profound inclusivity that is apparent in the culture of indigenous Australians. While it may be difficult to assimilate the breadth of information that one is introduced to, indeed where the analytical mind is engaged in the comparative potentials that include consideration of the extremes of religious faith, spirituality, and the inherent nihilism that is expressed from the extreme “ideals” that traverse the terrain of both philosophical realism and anti-realism manifest as hard materialism and strong idealism, such experiences if permitted by the open mind, remain as a voice which is present and potentially finds a resolution of profound meaning, along with all other cultural expressions that embody aspects of ultimate reality, mirroring each other in a symmetry which over perhaps a life-time of research and experience, begins to take form.

What we bare witness to, is the testimony to the embodiment of significant elements, communicated in the form of continuous reiterations of pictographic figures, narrative tropologies, and ritual performance, the powerful means of containing knowledge in a manner that traverses the tyranny of space and time, yet may or may not remain as a fully realized intelligible source of higher information, among the peoples themselves who have been responsible custodians of this wealth of knowledge, carrying it into the present time. Traversing space and time, all cultural forms arising from the human expression of social influences, inextricably linked to geographical, geological, climatic influences, are embodied as a time capsule and window into the past, which can only be approached with the greatest care to not corrupt the information by and through the fixation of one mutually exclusive perspective of interpretation and translation, projected onto all others. If this is the ultimate quest of “multiculturalism”, then the mirror of all cultural expressions constitutes the window of opportunity that we today might freely engage in, as a quest to resolve the often conflicted disciplines which constitute the breadth of studies in the arts and sciences, veiled by the inadequacies of a “multifaith” which veils the ultimate quest to come to terms with the “signature” that remains a font of knowledge and wisdom drawn from the “higher authority” that is naturally occurring and self revealing and persists as a present gift, and gift of the present, which is so easily hidden in plain sight, merely due to the profound fear that manifests as an avoidance of the subject itself, which is so culturally sensitive.

As natural science is obviously distinguished from the artifice of legends and myth, and informs the exposure of signatures embodied in the structural shapes and forms that constitute the plethora of physical entities, possessing the innate power to support a higher order of information which transcends the apprehension of shape and form itself, supporting the exposure of the informational process or function which constitutes access into the unified domain of information, indeed in formation. Both involutionary and evolutionary forces, provides the mutually inclusive yet dominant means that illuminates the navigational path between that which is veiled by mystical, legendary and mythical characterizations imposed on the one and same body of information, and the truth which these qualitative characterizations at once conceal and reveal. Indeed, if any headway is to be encouraged towards the resolution of apparently culturally determined conflict, the intercourse between the liberal arts and sciences and the physical arts and sciences exemplifies a profound necessity which has informed the incremental steps taken in the past century, to proceed with a profound degree of caution, which is commonly rejected by those willing to jump to prejudicial conclusions, without having accessed the formative influences which bridge the widening chasm that exists between science and art per se. The mutual inter-dependence that is inherent in the sciences, appears to inform a default mechanism which returns to either hard materialism or strong idealism, and results in the proverbial act of casting out the baby with the bath water.

It is possible to trace the strong directives which inform the limits imposed on science, particularly from the point in time which defines the advent of the scientific revolution, underpinned by the significant exposure by Copernicus of the singular frame of reference which is equally supportive of mirrored perspectives (literally points of view) which are nevertheless both accessible to those located on the surface of the planet, and concern the direct and reciprocal relation between the apparent and the actual, the visible and intelligible. As these attributes are mutually interdependent sources of information, from which a higher order of conclusions can be made, regarding the shape, form and function of the foundational relation between the Earth and the Sun, which constitutes both the elementary proposition which is signaled as the higher authoritative information, and retraced by the hand of the observer, which brings into being the higher dimensional trace through space over time, that has in fact informed numerous models that have persisted in the vagaries of mystical language codes, rather than being merely the subject of the fertile imagination of the student so easily prone to anticipating false conclusions.

These directives are traditionally made plain in the preface to a major work which focuses on the potential to construct a cosmological mindset which in turn sets the structural relations of a way of thinking and being, informative of the shape, form and function of the State. The most prevalent criticism of such world views has been largely in the negation of mutual interdependency itself, where the apparent and the intelligible are cast as separate and discrete attributes of the whole in question. Leading to a basic rejection and indeed apprehension of the fallibility of the human faculty of sight and intuition, the latter sensing that there is a hidden or implicit source of information that may have been excluded from the set of all intrinsic data fields, the potential rigor of science itself has been attacked to a degree that the possibility of locating facts, and indeed building a knowledge system which is more than merely a human construction, has been called into question. The relatively recent few decades have informed a conflicted purpose to on one hand, reach a coherent objective which is defined as the potential for a “grand unifying theory of everything” itself, invested in the unification of classical physics with quantum physics, and alternatively to reject that there is any potential to a reach a conclusive resolve between these two significant domains, the classical and quantum. Consequently, the return to an uneasy dualistic underpinning of binary conditions, which infers either the limits of science to resolve or reveal information regarding the ultimate quest to comprehend the “mind matter” problem, as expressed in the cultural conflict between strong materialism and idealism, which in turn makes allowances for the reaffirmation of “divine action”, and as such, reaffirms the necessity for an exposure of the definitive elements which are signified by the term “god” which remains in light of the complexity of extreme cultural convictions, a relatively arbitrary term.

The arbitrariness of this term however is commonly ignored through the consistent focus of the most dominant projection of the definition of the term, as an external entity able to effect change, direct the course of human events, and further, to save us from our own ignorance, and able to engage with those who through constant ablutions and rites of purification claim the potential to be in communion. The scrutiny of the term, defined as such, has failed to consider the conceptual notion of a “higher authority”, as that which informs science, indicating the foundations of natural science as emergent from information that transcends the product of the human imagination. Furthermore, it fails to note that communion between such a god and mortal, indicates that this entity remains inside the sphere of human influence. The question of the utility of this mindset, indeed, its convenience to ensure a faithful or indeed folkish people, to use Adolf Hitler’s term, able to be shepherded by a representative where the shepherd’s shepherd infers chain of authority not unlike the King of kings, is a necessary question to be asked of everyone who has aspired to take the reigns of authoritative administration and direct rule in hand, in order to steer their entire populations fate, to some given end, indicating some “common purpose”, of which the majority are themselves entirely ignorant. The notion of “teleological” driver, indeed a lever through which the machinery of the state itself may be used as a means to an conceived end, by one or indeed a collective who is arrogant enough to assume that the necessity for generating the greater degree of ignorance in the greater number of people, is itself intrinsic to the system, and to its functionality, is informative of a corrupt system, within which the flourishing of criminal activity is not merely supported, it is expected as the means through which progress itself is effected. In order to apprehend the degree to which the system itself is conceived not merely as a “given” but as the product of a corrupted plan, and a plan that nurture’s ignorance which in turn, commands the presumption of ultimate innocence in the corrupt, the meaninglessness of such a design is well indicated in the Biblical Book of Ecclesiastes, which grants a degree of insight into the futility of action, learning, and of participating as a responsible human adult, inherent in such a system.

Indeed, where critics of the concept of God, and the notion of a god given “design”, have exploited the old testament for the purpose of ridiculing the “divine plan”, their failure to provide insights from this text, which if considered as a testimony of a corrupted foundation of knowledge, rather than an inherently corrupt species, and inherently corrupt “Nature”, for the purpose of mustering a transformative and conscious effort to realize the spirit of democracy, itself determined by the provision of education directives which induct the child, rather than ensure the child’s exclusion from a closed and operative circle of elite governance, we find the primary means through which the criminal landscape is itself defended and protected, as a field of anonymity, which permits the exploitation of the state, of those commissioned to represent both the people and the ultimate potential of the knowledge system as a coherent vision that is purposefully denied by those who profit from the redistribution of and claim over the intellectual and physical property of others.

The ‘ecclesiastical’ determinative, is primarily cast as a ‘master/student’ or ‘master/labour source’ relation. The ‘master’ is granting information to the ‘perpetual child’, disenfranchised from ever reaching a sound understanding of that which is constantly referred to as the ‘inherent evil’ that is ‘under the sun’. Before we elaborate on this narrative, we can return to the symbolic embodiment of complex animal powers which inform an ars combinatorics of mythical and legendary qualitative characterizations of the very thing which constitutes the trace through space over time, and indicates the higher authority that is merely retraced by the hand of the observer.

The serpentine image of the line of time, projected as the shadow cast from a fixed rigid body, which if perpendicular to the ground plane, and set in the open field, offers up the most information, constitutes a phenomena that while being significant, is entirely insubstantial, having zero dimension indeed until it is retraced. The retracing however, has little at all to do with the fertile imagination of the observer consciously engaged in this, an entirely scientific act, which results in the gathering of sets of raw data. In the event of retracing the line time, each day, over the course of a year, and repeated ad infinitum, the collection of daily signatures, provide significant indications about the primary relation between the planet’s surface, the “indicator” and the source of light, our closest star. These indications constitute serpentine images, or arcs, which reveal 3 basic extreme and mean shapes: “)|(”, two of which are the mirror of the other, and one of which occurs precisely between the days of the occurrence of the extremes, indicating not three but four significant days of the cycle which is constantly repeated with little variation, as the fixed point form which the shadow is cast, remains constant.

The shadow itself, exhibits a process of deceleration from infinite speed at dawn to a point of motionless, which coincides with its least length, and corresponds with the highest point of the Sun’s apparent path through the sky, reiterated each day, at which point it proceeds to accelerate reaching infinite speed at dusk. At dusk, the location of the Sun’s position on the horizon, is the easiest to record, due to the incremental cover of darkness that is raised as this luminous body appears to fall away beyond the circle of the horizon. From the “stillpoint” which we call “noon” which corresponds in location between the latitude of the tropics, with the direct “line of sight” imagined from top down, indeed from the “eye” of the “sun”, to the shadow’s perpendicular indicator, directly located “under the sun”, a higher order of information is sourced, regarding the greater cycle which is reiterated over the course of 365+ days. Indeed, over the course of 4 years, or 1461 days, the “image” which exposes four greater cycles of four significant points or days, which constitute the extremes and means indicating the longest, equal, shortest, equal, longest equal shortest equal…….. day to night ratios: )|(|)|(|)|(|)|….. overlayed as three significant lines of time as the image is traced on the ground plane: )|(, granting a perpetual or constant pattern, where each day and night, being a duration that is increased by day, as it is decreased by night, and decreased by day as it is increased by night, in a perfect reciprocity, is further divided according to the timing of four significant points: dawn, noon, dusk, midnight, dawn, noon, dusk, midnight……., indicating on the two days of equal night, a perfect quadration of the day/night period: (-|-). From the noon-time point of motionlessness registered in the image of the Sun’s shadow cast upon the ground plane, that is our tracing board, the period of the complete day and night cycle, grants access to record of the annular image, or helix, shaped as the closed complex curve, and figure 8.

Each day marked at Noon, when the “point” is directly “under the sun”, reaffirms the longest equal and shortest days, in the image that is crafted from the 365 points, which exposes the image of the passage of time, which mirrors the apparent epicycle of the Sun, which informs its helical rising, observed with the celestial sphere of fixed stars, each indicating a concentric circle scribed about a point, over the same course of the year, inferring that either the Sun is not fixed, and moves as if a wandering star or that the Sun, is one of many (3R:()) fixed stars, and it is the Earth which is a “wandering star”, both providing the apparent and the actual fact which is mutually inclusive to the greater body of knowledge which has the potential, indeed as history reveals, to forge the body of revealed knowledge itself. As we can bare witness to the incrementally shifting location of the Sun’s actual position observed on the circle of the horizon at both dawn and dusk, the backward and forward motion contained by the two extreme points which indicate the coincidence of the longest and shortest days of the greater period, passing through the location that indicates the day of equal night as the cycle continues ad infinitum, exposes the direct correspondence between the figure of the helical image: “8”, and the continuous wavelike motion: “/\/\/\/\/\/\”. Indeed, the graphic image /\ or \/ indicates a complete cycle: longest equal shortest equal longest day: night ratios, while /\/ and \/\ indicates a 1.5 of an annular period; /\/\ and \/\/ a two year period. Furthermore, a statement which exploits the image as a symbolic referent, and claims that “un” and “nu” are equal periods, indicating the cycle from the day of equal night, to the longest to the equal, to the shortest and back to the day of equal night, is indeed the same period of temporal duration to the equal the shortest, the equal the longest the equal day to night ratio, and indeed that this is proven in the 1:1 correspondence between the northern and southern hemisphere, hence indicating revealed knowledge, “un” = “nu” = “O” and that in turn, the equivalence of the image of the annular cycle as cast upon the ground plane: “8”, and the actual cycle:“un” = “nu” = “O”, indicates the fact that the visible and the intelligible, or the apparent and actual share a 1:1 correspondence: “O=“un” = “nu”=8”.

It is not a nonsense to state that 8 or indeed ∞ = O, as these symbolic graphs hold far more meaning than their definitions of “infinity” and “zero”. Indeed, that the graphic image: “f” and “∫” may also indicate the period between the longest and shortest days, and in reciprocity, the shortest and longest days, the integral image that is reiterated in a perfect mirror, as the days go by, tracing out the image of the year, constitutes the half image of the annular cycle: 8 or analemma.

None of this is “paradoxical”, unless the correspondence between the apparent and the real, remains undisclosed. Indeed, paradox, as I stated earlier, occurs when implicit information that is significant, is intelligible, and is necessary to support a higher order of conclusions, is excluded. As what has just been described demands an active defense and protection over the fixed indicator, the significant indications of the daily arc retraced each day over the course of a year and the periodical indications of the analemma, and indeed extends to the defense and protection of the process of induction of all revealed knowledge that is significant to the foundations of the knowledge system, if indeed we are to a serve our children in positive manner directed as both maternal and paternal influences would serve them. That is, as a common grant to all citizens, which inducts them into the basic principles of the scientific experience that is, in itself, informative of a transformational experience, based on the acquisition of a profound degree of knowledge. The transformation of the individual is due to the power to reach a higher order of conclusive facts, if indeed this is permitted. Only the forced imposition of generating a “social cradle” which constructs an artificial “generation gap” through excluding the feedback of mature realizations from those who collectively inform the “ intelligentsia” at any given time and place, identified as those who have acquired the significant degrees of education which should theoretically be sufficient to support the furtherance of entirely independent research, would expose a failure to permit the transformational experience of the child, which defines its adulthood, as a responsible participant in the greater scheme of a complex human society. Indeed, this in and of itself, presupposes that our public institutions of education, granted in a sovereign society constituted on the principles which inform its identification with a sovereignty constitution, based on the principles of both unwritten and written law, which inform the progression of all magisterial systems of justice and jurisprudence, unless indeed the “culture” and its constitution, is based on the exclusion of unwritten law which is paramount to a false or corrupt system which actively negates the foundational principles emergent from and as natural science.

Without the foundations of natural science to support the induction of the child, a claim made to the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, referenced in many courts of law, including international and local courts of law, is in and of itself entirely meaningless. Swearing on the Bible, as a “Christian”, or indeed as a “Moslem”, and “with god as my witness”, where God is identified to most, not as the “higher authority” of the signature image, which informs the “unwritten laws” of natural science, but rather is identified as the “resurrected” Past Master, and once mortal Prophet, the mastery which exposes revealed knowledge, and permits us to comprehend the reason why the priesthoods of old, were considered to be “mathematical clerics”, appear to be subject to the illusion of the narratives and parables projected. That which is informed by the means through which the translation of the image into a geometrical dynamic analogue model, informs the ratio and proportions that grant the measure of the man, the rule of thumb, the anchor of the “cubit”, no less, as the forearm and radius, which in turn permitted society and culture to progress well beyond the filth, illness, hardship, poverty and debauchery that is celebrated as a gross indication of permissive social freedoms while it is in actual fact, the consequence of a derelict mind, that has endured years of specifically tailored, indeed, strategic educational dictates which place the primary burden of responsibility for the relatively ignorant adult population on the governors of the states educational boards. Those who have held the primary power to create of the child, precisely what is required for the purpose of securing the needs of “a human resource”, which serves the corporate body and its enterprise, are indicative of “founding fathers” whose allegiance is not to the State per se, nor indeed is it directed in service to a “higher authority” which defends the knowledge system, defends the integrity of science, and of the fabric of society, but rather is an allegiance directed to the “common purpose” of a collective of corporate institutions, which ultimate serves the defense of a system which “appropriates” and in turn, conceals the underlying facts of already revealed knowledge for the purpose of creating and securing new markets, which in turn demand a degree of relatively unskilled and compliant labor  in order to service the numerous domains which superficially appear to demand highly skilled and highly educated individuals, but in real terms, constitutes the new era of vocations, where corporate partnerships inform all stages of education and training, and indeed tailor research and experimental practice, in service to the market demands of the consumer. Public knowledge of the facts that inform the foundational elements which expose already revealed knowledge, in such a system which thrives on inherent ignorance, is a threat to both corporate imperialism, and the criminal landscape which flourishes with it.

We can see that in projecting the serpent as a figure of evil, or a figure of chaos, which influenced the cultural condition of disenfranchised populations in the ancient past, merely prescribing the identity of all that is evil, and “under the sun” to both the “serpentine” image of the daily and annular period, either identified by the graphic image of the cobra which holds the posture of the throne or seat of power which simultaneously reiterates the anatomically correct cross section of the human tongue; or the horned viper which indicates the father returned to take the place of the Osirian phallus of the Earth God “Geb”, which supports the arched body of the sky, evolves into that which is forbidden as a terrifying power, likened to the violence of tempests and chaos of storms, and realized in the combinatoric image of the winged, fire breathing scaled dragon. A combination of all five elements is drawn as this creature walks on land, flies in the sky, swims in water, breathes the fire of the mind, and on its surface, scales. All these indicate the five primary elements held in the mystical notions of the “alchemist”, as that which is trampled underfoot by the “divine psycho-pomp”, yet remains as the “esoteric” pedestal of all that is internal to Earth, informing the foundational register. From the rudimentary image of the legless serpent to this leviathan beast, the image is itself transcended and the higher degree of knowledge is exposed from the foundational facts which inform astronomy performed in the broad light of day. This echo of past narratives, resounds in the image of the great Osiris, depicted as a rainbow winged serpent: “/\/\/\/\/\<” and located at the foot of a “coffin tree”, or sarcophagus, indicating for all to bare witness to it, precisely a 48 degree angle cast by his wings as each indicates the temporal extremes. In “communion” with the twin goddess, “Ma’at”, whose winged angles measure 60 degrees, between these the graphic figure of the “shen ring”: “O|” and “|O” indicative of the solar orb on the circle of the horizon, uniting West with East and Dawn with Dusk, we find that all in fact remains “yoked” to the signature authority that is neither the Sun, nor the Earth, nor the Earth’s axis nor “phallic” staff which supports the sky, rather is “bridled” to and by relationship alone, granting us access to the most peculiar and enduring of all complex cultural codifications which reveals as much as it conceals.

Beginning with the embodiment of revealed knowledge, taking us from the “completed fabric of the garment of god”, indeed hieroglyphs: sacred graphs, the sacred arch, the “heir-arche” of angles, to the elements which inform the majesty of the symbolic language of mathematical code, the reciprocity of the embedded shapes and forms built from the hexagon/octahedron, to the star tetrahedral inference of the cube, the isometric matrix is exposed as a mutual inter-dependence of inverse correlatives that results in the cube of cubes and hypercube. Just as the figure: “ O|––|O” infers the “bit” placed between the jaws of the one fine animal whose profound potential for partnership with the Master, exemplifies the ultimate unity of two creatures as one, and greatest exemplar of skilled communication and mutual service, that all “Equestrians” aspire to create, the “hope” that remains after all else is released from the crucible of fire that is Pandora’s box, lies in the potential to transcend the tyranny of ignorance which is the handmaiden to pure evil.

In returning to Ecclesiastes, with the Leviathan; the social contract; the covenant and the blood oath or ‘varuna mitra’ which results from the destruction of the triple headed serpent by the ‘earnest’ actions Indra: “-E” indicating the three significant points which inform the four cardinal points- kept in mind, the intent of the ‘master’ is not in any way shape or form, a commitment to induct the one who being advised. Rather, the intention to impress upon the student the importance of their faith in a certain characterization of god and trust in the masters voice for he alone claims to have seen all there is to see, heard all there is to hear, and suggests that the quest to know is itself merely “chasing after the wind”. We might be reminded of the Bhuddha Carita, which describes the flying of banners with gay abandon, from all significant points in order to spite Indra, or indeed that the New Kingdom reforms, in Ancient Egypt, indicated the use of the streamer, attached both the base of the headdress, and from the highest significant points of all buildings. Both reveal and once conceal the “breath” of the serpent which is significant and yet with the flag flying prevents the mark being made upon the ground. Surrendering the quest itself, constitutes a realisation that “all is meaningless”. We are to assume that this adviser  fails either consciously or unconsciously to in fact know the truth, for if indeed the truth were known, so too would the greater evil be understood, which is in the binding of the student to an unholy legal fiction. Accepting both the presumed completion of revealed knowledge, the natural human limitations and one’s lot constitutes an acceptance of a social system primarily based on exclusions and indeed permits us to question the authority of the master, for the meaningless of human endeavors  the meaninglessness of the pursuit of knowledge and wisdom, or the pursuit of pleasure and comforts, and the profitlessness of toil, are all subject to the “fruits of one’s labors”, generalised as having little or nothing to do with the day to day consumables such as food, clothing, tools and so on, or necessities such as the need to embodying information and knowledge, in and as physical constructions which constitute the window of opportunity for future generations to source an understanding of foundational facts. These so called fruits infer that the products of one’s labours ‘under the sun‘ are merely the formative influence of wealth, power and social status, indeed of all the trappings of class distinctions, which are necessarily left to one’s following generations as an inheritance after one’s death.

The student is encouraged to have faith held in God. All that constitutes the master’s knowledge and power to effect change, is itself subject to a faith in the system which prevails, as if this is in itself, a god given structure. All human efforts are underpinned by the ‘government’ of those who are apparently God’s ‘sovereign appointments’ and hence representative individuals who engage in the instrumentation of God’s will, do so as if blindly engaging in a system that is unchangeable and unchanging. The apprehension of the nature of the system is given full disclosure through this misanthropic prose as a system which is not merely meaningless, it is based on a course of action that is directed by external influences which includes the rise and fall of powerful drivers which infers a system which Plato distinguishes as that which is “always in a process of becoming and perishing, and never really is” and “conceived by opinion with the help of sensation and without reason” In stark contrast to “that which is apprehended by intelligence and reason is always in the same state and has no becoming” we bare witness to the system which if perpetuated informs the judgement of blasphemy pronounced to that which is true. Within this apparently blind process, science has no part. Human greed, poverty, fame and fortune, and even the redistribution of wealth are all considered to be a part of God’s divine plan. Indeed the common board game of ‘Snakes and Ladders’ comes to mind, where enterprising individuals are encouraged only to have all that they worked for, reclaimed by the governing elite.

God as such is the consistent force who as an interventionist figure, is the teleological director of both human ‘evils’ and of ‘righteous’ acts, for it is “the man who pleases him, [that] God gives wisdom, knowledge and happiness, but to the sinner he gives the task of gathering and storing up wealth to hand it over to one who pleases God. This too is meaningless, a chasing after the wind. (Ecclesiastes 2:26.) The species, in its entirety is derelict of anything that is meaningful. Even those whose fate and lot is raised by circumstance into the realm of kinship or the caste of a ruling elite is stripped of all physiological potentials that distinguishes the species from the class of all other creatures. “man’s fate is like that of the animals; the same fate awaits them both; As one dies, so dies the other. All have the same breath; man has no advantage over the animal. Everything is meaningless.” (Ecclesiastes 3:19) The distinction between those who are identified as kings, who hold the powerful reigns of leadership which bridles the nation in their hands, are revealed as being capable of having “come from the prison to kingship” or “may have been born in poverty within his kingdom, and in this, even advancement through the ranks of men, is considered meaningless. Yet one is commissioned by this ‘master’ to “obey the king’s command, I say, because you took and oath before God” and while all is apparently meaningless, and every effort to find truth, and reason, is futile, all that is to be feared is God, and all that is to be done, is keep his commandments.

The master is revealing a certain expectation which affirms a trust that while everything appears to be meaningless, and while death alone releases one from the mortal coil which binds the individual to this meaningless world of action, the weighing up of all that is under the sun is such that no-one can comprehend what goes on under the sun. Despite all his efforts to search it out, man cannot discover its meaning. Even the wise man claims he knows, he cannot really comprehend it. Indeed, the evil in everything that happens under the sun’ infers that the Earth, and all who are present on it, ironically present as ‘god’s gift of creation’ are bound in a form of entrapment which constitutes the loss of their intellectual potential which in and of itself distinguishes them from animals.

Regardless of the notion of an oath and covenant that binds the human heart and mind, inferring a construction which is man made, and equally inferring that such an oath, subjects the mortal to a fate which is entirely determined by external influences, where all from within their lot, are directed in service to the system and state perse, those who are naturally considered by divine provenance to rise to the positions of power, do so through ‘god’s will’ If one losses a battle, it is God’s will, if one commits offensive acts of prejudice and conceit, it is God’s will. Indeed, herein the construction of the social contract, which Hobbes returns us to, under an Ecclessiastical covenant which serves to secure the ‘commonwealth’inclusive of the mindfulness of all, as a possession of the State, all beings are reduced to a state of ignorance and innocence. Even the most evil act possibly able to be committed, and consciously directed, by whatever opinions and speculations drive an individual to respond to the world around him, is relinquished from any responsibility, due to the failure to comprehend that truth itself.

One is compelled to wonder, if in a world dedicated to the pursuit and progression of knowledge in the public domain, whether or not a full comprehension of the potential to reveal God, indeed to know what constitutes the completed Fabric of the Garment of God which according to Boetheius, appears to be the shredded and torn fabric of Sophia’s dress, indeed the garment of the ‘genera’  and ‘vessel’ from which the ‘hexis’ is constructed which constitutes the ‘educator’ to which Plato in his Timaeus dedicates his treatise on geometry and cosmology, as the ‘gift of culture’ granted to humanity by the Astronomer who exposes the bridge between the signature which constitutes the ‘higher authority’  and the product of human powers of translation and interpretation, which is cast as the grant of the true figure and reverse process of its engineering, which locates its source and cause in the relation between light and motion, is a process which leads us towards the ultimate realisation of a primary and prototypical model, that the original Artificer creates, rather than the copy which deceives us, that lies within our grasp, moments before the veil descends, and obliterates our potential to communicate what is in fact, a human right to reclaim the mastery of our minds, from the tyranny of ignorance that actively serves those who do not comprehend what it is that they do.

The Leviathan, the scaled winged fire breathing dragon which straddles the earth, about which its secrets remain obscured, is not a beast to feared, rather it is revelation to be cherished and held with the greatest of respect for what has been communicated in the sign and symbol, which embodies the gift denied to us, by those who actively seek to disenfranchise the people from their higher destiny. It is not a beast to be tamed and broken to the support for wealth and power beyond all reasonable limits, nor is it an indication of the crystal forms which are exposed in the study of minerology, nor indeed it is an indication of the many and varied shapes and forms which constitute the progressive description of natures elements, and constitutes. It is information itself, which may be read as if a book of inspired creations, emergent from the unity of both involutionary and evolutionary forces. It is our birth right as children who rise through the experiential domain guided by our loving parents, to be responsible beings capable of making of significant decisions which are not cast from the ultimate void of an utter alienation from the real world of real participatory action. Indeed the shredded garment of Sophia’s dress, and the consolation that is philosophy, constitutes the manifest utility of a geometrical system designed to serve the universal applicability to the manual arts, where the first elementary proposition, places all that is potential, in the vesica piscis, which infers the awe inspiring Eye of god from which all geometrical elements are both drawn and born, is itself reduced in the greatest act of sacrilegious utilitarianism, which constitutes the greatest evil that is beyond the hope that comes from its exposure, cast as no more than the bladder of the fish from which the spiritual oil anoints the forehead of the mind dispossessed.