About the research conducted and presented here as an open source which constitutes the “hope” that remains, after the “tragedy” of speculative anticipations has already flourished in the public domain.

The research presented here, constitutes the results of 6 years of Post Doctoral studies, informed by the premature notions realised as the excavation of information pertaining to the 4 Space “trace through space time” that reveals the prototypical analogue model which informs both the Heliocentric and Geocentric points of view, of the relations between the closest Luminous body and source of light, and the reflective body that is our planet Earth, the source of complex motions, and diurnal cycles, without which no life on this planet could have ever flourished. The results of this research, conclude that the exceptional rise of progressive and sedentary civilisations, mark a revolution in thought, which leads from the intuition of appearances, to the conclusions sourced by examining intelligible information that is not only self generative, and self revealing, it transcends the merely visible, and forces the individual to engage in a participatory process of discovery, which defines the Scientific Model, as informed by the foundations of Astronomy, and hence the study of “all that is” located “under the Sun”, drawn and born from the primary or elementary signatures of light and motion, that inform the elementary propositions of our logic that reveals the ratios and proportions accessed from the ruling of the isometric matrix, which is underpinned by the “eye of god” structure. The most basic necessity for the construction of the isometric matrix, which in providing the means through which the construction of the “cube cage”, supports the revelation of natural laws of constants and limits, informs the first proposition given in Euclid, and as such, the propositional logic developed by Wittgenstein, locates the source of the elementary proposition in the primary signatures of light and motion that remain outside the sphere of human influence and inside the sphere of human experience. The most basic “support” constitutes a topologically considered geometrically dynamic translation of the analemma, which locates the for significant temporal “nodes” indicating the four days that define the midpoints of the four seasons and quadrature the “circle” cycle of the annular orbit, transposed in an orthographic projection of the shadow on the ground plane, from which the indication of the two days of equal night, that is the equinox are revealed on the “crossing point”: “><” of the figure “8”, and “temporal mean” of the two extreme locations, witnessed as the relation of the daily shifting of the dawn and dusk position of the “Sun” referenced from the center of the circle of the horizon. The temporal mean (equinox) and the temporal extremes (solstices) gives rise to the graphic representation of the “wave” that rises and falls, “^^^^^^”, between the extreme nodes and the mean “-<“. It is from the translation of the casting of the remarkable signature of the figure “8” known as the Analemma, upon the ground, that informs the structure commonly known as the “vesica piscis”, and uncommonly known by the enigmatic phrase which Pascal uses to define the “universe”: “the center is everywhere and circumference nowhere”. The location of two poles on the temporal nodes of the solstice, cast upon the ground from the noon time still point of the shadows deceleration to a point of absolute yet momentary rest, permits the scribing of twin circles whose radii are equal to the distance between the significant nodes of their centers.

From these two nodes, the “diameter line” is informed which reiterates the “horizon line” of the ground plane, and from the nodes of the intersection of the twin circles, the perpendicular diameter which reiterates the “significant indicator” that informs the most basic principles of gnomonicity as astronomical is ruled: “(-(|)-)”, as are the two sets of four lines which inform the overlay of two isometric lattices, each perpendicular to the other, indicating the orthogonal projection of the “square” of the “ground plane” : “(<(|)>)”, and its division “(<(^)>)” leading to the generation of nodes that inform the ruling of the next set of lines, numbering the 11th and 12th, or 9th and 10th, if the horizon line and the gnomon remain as “given”, completing the immersion of the 3 dimensional “shape of space” that informs Cartesian Co-ordinate Space: “(>|<)”, in a two dimensional projection. It is the progressive building of the complexity of the isometric matrix, where the foundation is the analemma, and the transposition of the analemma, to the quadrated “circle” of the orbital path, that the “trace through space over time” which informs the model of the “Moebius Kleinbottle”, as an asymmetric model exhibiting a singular chirality, which reiterates the “arrow” of “time”, and is constantly in motion, experienced from the immersion of the 4 space structure, in a three dimensional construction, as continuously passing through a singular point on its “surface”. Such a model embodies the “image” of the Sun’s singular “Re” of light, that reveals the annular gyration on the surface of the Earth informed by the axial tilt of the planet, whose measure is realized in the unity of the two points of view that constitute the unity of the heliocentric and geocentric perspectives, both accessed as intelligible information which transcends the merely visible, and grants all information necessary for the prediction of the annular eclipse, which if used against humanity, constitutes the greatest evil which informs the enslavement of the “social cradle” as a disenfranchised group, remaining ignorant of the very means that informs the only foundation that supports democracy, and supports the induction of the child into the science which informs all technologies, all architectures, all models of systems, all ratios and proportions, all language systems, and their various degrees of concealment of the facts which remained outside the sphere of human experience, due to the raising of power itself, determined by the flourishing of ignorance in the greater number rather than the fewer.

As the process of nucleosynthesis, results in the formation of the planetary nebula, graphically indicates the universal image of the “eye of god”, experienced in the witness of the image from Hubble telescope of the “helix nebula”, the confirmation of the universality of the process through which the isometric matrix is realised, form the domain of information which remains outside human influence, and inside the domain of human experience, any prejudice waged against the ancient conservation of the means through which human access to the natural law which is common to all peoples, and informs the most primitive and sophisticated civilizations whose knowledge over time, is all but lost, we realise that prejudice flourishes when the process of natural deduction is artificially suspended, and excluded from the domain of common human experience, in all but implicit signals, which remain subject to crimes waged against humanity, from the making of legal fictions informed primarily by the tyranny of ignorance.