From the “Eye of Re” to the Bladder of the Fish – Melanie Claire Purcell PhD.

My primary intention is to reignite interest in the one project that appears to be actively abandoned: “Wiki-Project Multidisciplinary”: . The totalising spirit of globalisation has failed to support global governance as… Continue reading

Plato Part Two: The Timaeus

Plato’s Timaeus represents his most difficult work. The passages that are most pertinent to our interest here, are given below, and illustrated accordingly. While it is certainly possible that there may numerous approaches… Continue reading

Plato: Part One: the Monad and the Complementary Distinction.

Plato’s categorical system may be deduced as one that is based entirely on the distinction of the “triune” sources and causes that inform the foundations of the knowledge system. Man the “Artificer” and… Continue reading

Pythagoras: Part Four: The Music of the “Spheres” and the Significant Elements.

Armed with the work of Sir James Jeans, and Helmholtz, the study of the music which emerges from the Significant elements of Geometry, leads to the underpinnings of the Electromagnetic Spectrum, where the… Continue reading

Pythagoras: Part Three “The Enigmatic Master, Who Inspires The “Golden Chain” of Inspirations Which Enters the Manuscript Tradition, at the Hands of String”.

The study of music, constitutes the study of the sound generated from either a pipe, or a “taught string” whose tension and corresponding “note” is informed by the weighting of the string itself.… Continue reading

Pythagoras: Part Two: The Establishment of a Secret School which informs the “esoteric tradition”.

When considering the structure of music (sound) and color (light)  the obvious association must be made with the electromagnetic spectrum, and less obvious is the association to be made with the isometric matrix.… Continue reading

The Relation Between Art and Science; the Specific and the General RatioCrystallography: Part Two: The Helical Signature of DNA

With the progression of technologies that traverse the distance in space over time, of the proximity of the scientist to the subject being studied, the ability to take micrographic images of the DNA… Continue reading

Pythagoras: That which lies Inside (eso) the Domain of the Planet Earth (terros)..

When a child is introduced to the Pythagorean Theorem, it is without any reference to the pentadic foundation from which the decimal system of numeracy is informed by the integral points which reveal… Continue reading

Crystallography: Part One- Orthographic and Fischer Projections.

The study of crystallography, has informed the application of the isometric matrix to the analysis of  shapes and forms that are naturally occurring. As the isometric matrix is built from the ruling of… Continue reading

Gnomonicity: Part Three. From the Building of the Isometric Matrix to the Analysis of Electromagnetic and Spacetime Phenomena.

While the process of translating the primary signature of the Earth’s diurnal motions, illuminated by the constant radiance and source of light, and accessed by the unique mind of the thoughtful human being,… Continue reading